Hot Knitting Action

Ooooooh, have I got some photos for you today…
Om Shanti socks
fibranatura mermaid
Gina's socks
How d’ya like that?! The first 2 are Socktopus club kits – I’ve been trying to tidy up my knitting a bit and one is from the new club, one from the old. The ones after that are what the amazing Gina sent me in return for that silk shawl I made her 😀 I’m so spoilt!. I have 5 skeins of Fibranatura Mermaid (a blend of cotton, merino, silk and seacell), my first 2 skeins EVER of Koigu, and some perfectly fitting socks made in a yummy alpaca blend. There may also have been some chocolate. It has gone now, but is not forgotten.
Also, in a little side news, the sock pattern I was looking for has been resolved. In ways I didn’t expect. It will need to remain a secret on here for now as everything might go to pot still, but I’m quite excited…