Lace leaf

No pics today – sorry! BUT I have done the grafting. The grafting is ok, but some of the stitches stretched as they came off the needles, so I need to do some tweaking of those. Some patches you can’t tell they were stitched together, and then some patches just look really obvious! Hopefully I can fix that, but I have a sneaky feeling that I may end up regrafting 🙁 There is also a dodgy bit where I got to the end and suddenly there is a little funny lumpy bit, but I’ve managed to tidy it up for the most part – it will be under my arm, so won’t be noticable. I’m more concerned about those loose stitches right now… And being ready for Friday. Eek!


Well, I started grafting my lace leaf pullover last night. Didn’t get very far because we went to the pub for tea and I have a pint with my food 🙂 But I did do a little. I can’t tell yet how good it is – I’ve tweaked as best I can for now, and have found that as long as I hold the needles right next to each other it seems to work reasonably well, but it is harder to tweak stitches that way. Anyway, I’m hoping that, depending on my day out with my mum, I might finish it tonight so that I can try it on and see whether there is a line across.
I plan to get some knit related reading today for the plane too. Borders has some US magazines, so with luck they’ll have some nice knitting ones, and a knitting journal might be nice – I really need to work out what stash I have…
Anyway, mum is coming over in less than an hour and I haven’t showered yet. Or written her birthday card. Whoops! Maybe there will be goodies later on. 🙂

Google is our friend

Ok, I have lots of knitting to show (or will do next time I post, but that may not be till I come back from Minneapolis – we leave on the 4th :D).
But for now this will do! I copied this from BlueADT (link on the right). You google “[your name] needs” or change needs to hates, or whatever you like really 🙂
I need:
-to undergo a treatment called Hyper-baric Oxygen Therapy
-to uncover the roots of my unhappiness
-my flask of water
-to rotate so as to have A chance
-you, Sam
-more ‘show’
I hate:
-The song Babycakes
Poor Quinn and Missy. I have no idea who you are, but I’m very sorry 😀

I suck!

I’ve just realised how many times I’ve said that I’d post pics of something and haven’t. Smack me one next time I say I’ll post pics and make sure I do…
First of all, here are the new purchases – the polar and the Hipknits pink silk (which is like knitting with butter, if you can imagine that :D).
Stashy goodness
Next up, I had a delivery from Get Knitted for the hand spinning kit. I’ve been lusting for ages over it, and finally succumbed, so here is my first attempt with the spare fibres included in the Fyberspates kit…
My first attempt
I couldn’t wait to knit it up, so once it was dry I did, without taking any pics of the yarn I’m afraid – stupid me. It wasn’t that great an attempt though anyway! But I’m doing better with the coloured fibres in the kit, and plan on getting some more roving to play with today from Texere Mill in Bradford (v cheap, so that is rather good) and perhaps mixing some plys next… But here is what I’ve spun so far – I need to do some more before I make a hank out of it and straighten it out, but I don’t think it is too bad for my first proper try 😀
First proper attempt!
I can see this is going to become addictive…


Yay! I am having a lovely relaxing not being at work time right now. DB and I are on leave this week, the first time in ages that we have had time off together, and it is FAB. Despite coming down with a nasty cold, I’m just enjoying being at home, lazing in bed in the morning, and generally relaxing. I should be studying, but given the cold, I’ve let myself off it. Could be a bad thing, but I don’t think I’d get too far writing a questionaire with a nasty sinus headache. So I’ve knitted 🙂 I have three finished objects, and I’ve only been on leave for 1 and a half days! The first is a scarf made from Sirdar Wow and Foxy, that one I was making for someone at work. The second is a hat made from Colinette Point 5 that my friend bought me as a pressie, using the pattern in the Fall 05 issue of FCEK. And the third? Hmmmmm… 🙂
Weelllllllll. Let me just say that I love it, even though it has caused some controversy amongst knitters due to its poor design… I’ll post pics later when I’ve had a shower and look slightly less red nosed, along with pics of the hat.
I may also post a pic of some purchases. Today a big bundle of yummy yummy Rowan Polar arrived to sub for the yarn in the Lace Leaf Pullover. Leah at Use Your Hands inspired me to purchase it when she got some to make hers, and found it just lush to knit with, and has fantastic stitch definition for the lace pattern. I bought some in Zucchini, a lovely mid-dark green with a light strand running through it. And Leah was right. It is ridiculously soft to the touch, and I can’t wait to knit with it. Gorgeous stuff. On delivery I officially frogged back the Como, with a little difficulty due to the odd mesh that encases the wool fibre – the mesh kept catching and tangling the yarn, but luckily it is still usable, and I managed to claim the full 100g (can’t believe it only took that for the body!) I’d used. Hope fully it will work better as the shrug in Simply Soft, if I dare make any more DB patterns…

Lace leaf at last

Ok, here is a detail, using new phone, of my lace leaf pullover (can you spot the grafting? I can, but it doesn’t bother me!). Looks fine like this, but not when worn. Trust me. This yarn is calling for something else…
Lace leaf detail
Anyway, I just got back from an aerobics/dance class, and am shattered, so time for bed!

Hot knitting action, and other excitement

Ok, so I didn’t get the job, but apparently, despite my fears, my interview was pretty good. I just need to get some more experience in a subject team environment. And the cat isn’t back – he’s definitely gone for good now I think. But we will be getting one sometime, just not for a while (more on why that is later :D).
BUT, I have been knitting. Too much in fact. I should be studying, but I just can’t get myself into gear at the moment. I have given myself a deadline for starting work on my thesis, and that is the end of this week. If I don’t then the knitting will be put away somewhere and I will throw away the key (or perhaps not)! I have nearly completed something, but I’m not going to post it until I’ve tried it on and made sure it is ok! I have also not yet frogged the Lace Leaf Pullover, but I’m not going to finish it with the Como. I’m going to get a colleague’s sister (who lives in the US) to order some Knitpicks Sienna to make it from I think. Krista has asked whether I finished it – no I did not! Here is my attempt at some pics, using my new camera phone (just purchased today! Yay! A nice little Motorola, and it seems vvv posh compared to my good old Nokia 3310).
Ok, so I can’t install the camera equipment for some reason… I’ll post them soon, I promise! But in the pics, I’m impressed that you can’t really see much of the grafting. There are occassional patches there, but nothing that wouldn’t come out in the blocking. Krista – let me know what you are knitting it with! I’m looking for a replacement yarn, and any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Don’t worry about the grafting – it takes a long time, but if you use the Knitty guide, it is much easier than it sounds 🙂 and keep the needles close together – they help keep stitch tension close to the knit tension. You’ll see what I mean when you try it. Use a safety line too, just in case…
Anyway, the big news has already been announced on Craftster. No, I’m not engaged/pregnant, etc. DB has been asked to go to a conference in Minneapolis, and my boss has said that I can go with him 😀 I’m very very very excited – US yarn shopping ahoy, plus the Sanrio store – what more could I need to keep busy while he’s in the conference? We stay for 8 nights, and he’s working for 3 or 4 days, so that should be a lovely break for him too, even if it isn’t all fun. Plus he gets free accomodation and flights, so he can’t complain too much! And DVD shopping too… And this is all rather lovely, because we will have been together for 10 years in November, which is when we are going 🙂 Lots of lovely romance too, with a bit of luck 😀 And shopping. 4 days of yarn shopping! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!