I told you I'd post sooner this time…

Anyway, I’m here to promote a fellow crafter and friend who is just venturing into the world of craft blogging.   Berry Crafts is a Singstar loving, information literacy teaching, beer drinking girlie just up the road from me.  And hey, she makes things too!  So go look at the pretty things and say hello to her 🙂

5 thoughts on “I told you I'd post sooner this time…”

  1. She is very talented! (I love that skirt – it looks like a posh boutique buy!), I am loving your sock knitting – do the two of you knit socks together (she has some nice ones too)? Anyway, howdy!!!!

    1. Isn’t she? I’ve been inspired to try and finish some sewing this weekend now, although whether it works out that way is a different story… 😉

  2. Thanks for the namecheck! I only started sock knitting with the encouragement and guidance of Library Girl Knits 🙂 And yes, there are plans in the offing for joint sock knitting sessions!

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