Finished Objects (under construction)

Slightly less under construction now 🙂 Just socks at the mo, in chronological order.
1) My very first pair of socks in bog standard Regia yarn using a bog standard freebie pattern 🙂
My first socks :)
2) Jaywalkers in Fyberspates Foxglove sock yarn
Fyberspates foxglove Jaywalkers
Can’t find any finished pics tho :S
3) Some easy chunky soft socks from Ironstone Lopi yarn (or something like that…)
Chunky socks
4) Elfine socks by Amelia Raitte 🙂 Made from Fyberspates Alpaca Silk yarn
One Fyberspate Alpaca Silk Elfine sock
5) Vanilla socks in Daikeito Diamusee
Diakeito Diamusee socks
6) Cable and Ribbed socks from IK, made in Lorna’s Laces Cool
Cable and Rib in LL
7) Socks for Sue in Curious Yarns Beach, Sockbug’s River Rapids pattern
Sockbug River Rapids
8) Pattern of my own design (available from main page under the patterns menu) in Nature’s Pallette Indian Paintbrush
argyle final 3.jpg
9) Pomotamous socks in LL Desert Garden
10) One of the Amelia Raitte sock patterns in some yarn I hated – Regia Bamboo I think, in some vile colours, with a really kind of nothing texture…
11) Vanilla socks in Sweet Georgia Speed Demon Honey Fig.
12) Dragon Scale socks for Cherry in Schaefer Anne
12) Zokni socks for Cath in Colinette Jitterbug
13) Conwy socks from Knitting on the Road, in Hipknits Cashmere
14) Easy ribbed chunky socks for Chris in DB Cashmerino Superchunky
15) RPMs in STR medium weight Rhodonite
16) Whisker and Paw Prints socks in Fleece Artist Sea Wool
17) Ahh, I keep forgetting that I’ve made this many socks! Monkeys for Basia, in Piece of Beauty merino sock yarn.
18) So many socks, so many yarns to play with, not enough time in the world 🙂 Here is number 18 – the Sockapaloooza socks in The Knittery merino cashmere blend Orchid. Gorgeous yarn, and a pattern of my own 🙂
19) Another pair of Jaywalkers in Schaefer Anne, perhaps one of the best luxury sock yarns ever, even if it does leave little strands of mohair on my badly pedicured feet. Soft, silky, warm, with beautiful jewel tones. Sadly the camera just can’t do this fibre justice…

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