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Fair Isle Free Argyle Socks

argyle final 1b.jpg

argyle final 3.jpg

This pattern is available as a PDF file. Click the link below to download it. If you have any problems accessing it or downloading it, email me at bryonyramsden AT hotmail DOT com.

Fair Isle Free Argyle Socks.pdf

It is very easy to adapt the pattern to your taste for length, but the width is more complicated because of the pattern. I recommend going up a needle size first, and then consider adding 4 sts to the sole to make 64 sts on the foot instead of just 60. If you do that, don’t forget to omit the increases after turning the heel (and add 2 extra rows of wrapping sts while doing the heel so that you still have half the sts wrapped), and you may also choose to alter what row of the pattern you finish on before the heel. I’d still recommend finishing on the rows stated in the pattern if only to make sure that you have a plain area on the heel and back of the ankle to avoid any nasty rubbing incidents…

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