I’m afraid I’ve had draft posts sitting here for a long time.  This is to show I do still think and knit and blog in addition to the many many many MANY other things that have happened in the last few weeks and will continue to happen for a few weeks more probably.  Nothing horrific.  All I can cope with, but I’m feeling bogged down so stick with me – you already have anyway, so thanks for that!  And hopefully there will be fewer typos too this time!
Just so you know, I have knit a bit.  Mainly charity stuff (one of the many things was me organising a blanket for Macmillan at work), but here is something to show you that is actually quite interesting (ish)…
stem and leaf cowl finished
What you think?  It is warm and cosy and soft as I had hoped.  But I’ve done a majorly shoddy job on the floats.  Partly the yarn, partly the way the pattern is designed (with many long floats), mainly me!  Lots of uneven stitches needed fixing in the blocking, but they were mostly fixed.  Mostly.  Available from here. Also the same person makes a FAB owl cowl. Arf! What could possibly be better than knitting up a rhyming garment?! 😀 I modified it by making it shorter than the 5 leaf repeats in the pattern, but that’s all – same number of stitches and all that jazz.
How’s about that then? Two posts in one month! :O 🙂 And maybe I’ll use up that draft for a post related to drafting tomorrow… Oooh I’m full of cunning humour today! 😉

5 thoughts on “Slow”

  1. I don’t trust floats – the knitting always ended up puckered. I prefer to “over and under” and then at least it is an EVEN puckering! Looks lovely though!

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