Boring title number 400038390

Hmmph. Do you ever have those days where you just feel really bummed out for no reason? I have absolutely no motivation, no stamina and no joy in me today. I’m a moaning Minnie today…
I have a weird metallic taste in my mouth, and have done for a few days now. Apparently it could be a number of things. It could be that I have some nasty gum disease (unlikely as it isn’t long since I visited the dentist), or that my dental work is reacting (which is a bit scary!). I could have electrical impulses in my mouth 😀 Probably not… Or I could have some scabby sinus problems or something. I might be pregnant (which would explain the mood swing!), or I could just need to change the toothpaste… 😀
That is the least of it, pretty obviously. I am so not in the mood to study, and I can’t be arsed knitting because if I am knitting, I’m not studying, and that is bad. And work is now supposed to be calm for a few days, with it being the Easter break, but that doesn’t mean that I have less to do there. Even Friends can’t pick me up right now, and [gasp] watching some new Simpsons. I’m going to see my friend this weekend, on Friday if I ever remind myself to look up train times, but blimey I hope I’m in a better mood by then! At least I should be increasing the stash by then… And I’ll have pics of hand feeding deer 🙂