Cross your fingers

Well, I may have got one essay submitted, but now I have to submit my research proposal on Friday, and this week is not going to be easy… Still found time to go for a walk in some woods today though. We’ve never been through them before, which is shocking considering how long we’ve been living around here. Lovely scenery, broken up occassionally by a road passing through to remind you that you can’t really get lost and all is well. Although sometimes I like the potential to get lost.
Anyway, apart from crossing your fingers for me finishing on time with a half decent peace of work, keep them crossed that a friend has managed to do me a good deed – he’s in Vegas for a conference, comes back tomorrow night, and he said he’d try and pick up some nice US yarn for me 😀 I’m not holding my breath tho. I asked for the actual yarn for the leaf jumper, and/or some Lion Brand Microspun, seeing as 1) everyone seems to like using it and 2) there is a lovely Teva pattern in Knit1 done on the bias that I’d like to try. It is a very simple piece – 2 oblongs of bias knitting with some edging added later, but the effect is rather nice, and hides any nasty wobbly bits. I could probably try it with something else and use some maths, but I’d like the chance to use Lion Brand anyway. I chose these because I knew I could do fine without them (I nearly asked for the stuff to make the princess cut cardi in Loop-d-loop, but changed my mind in case of being disappointed), so it won’t be a great loss if he can’t get them, BUT it would be rather tops if he did. And I’d make arrangements for him and his bird to get lovely things too – no good deed should go unrewarded.