I can’t believe it. I finally made it through and have just submitted my last assignment of the year. I’m done until next year when I conduct my research. 3 and a bit months of total relaxation (providing I don’t have to redo any essays!). Lovely 🙂 I always panic until I get my email confirmation of the assignment being received, and pages being printed and the like (distance learning courses still carry all the fears of not making submission deadlines and all that), so I think I’ll still be in a state of agitation till next week, but for now, all I can do is sit back and wait for them to arrive 🙂
And clean the house while I’m not in work.
And wait around for DBs mp3 player to be delivered.
And… Knit 😀 Yay! Although my hands ache a bit from all the typing up on the laptop, so I might need a rest from it. I always feel at a loss for a little while once I finish studying, because the urgency has suddenly disappeared. Even though there are always loads of things that I like doing that I have to put aside while I study, I forget what they all are as soon as I’ve clicked on that little send button. My mind just goes blank for a few days, and I struggle a bit to direct myself. Then it just suddenly clicks. And come September I’ll be struggling to get back into studying again.
But for now, I’ll just luxuriate. Start learning Japanese again. I won’t retain it once I start studying again, but I enjoy it. Knit all those projects up that are sitting in the box. Use up the stash. Start running again. Read the books that are piling up on the shelves borrowed from friends, and then read all the ones that I bought too, or have been given as gifts. Dust off the PS2 and nurse it back into use (poor little PS2 🙁 Much neglected as of late).
That should keep me going for a while 🙂