A little bit more grumbling

I’m sorry I’ve been such a morky bag recently, but I’m going to moan again. Having got over the stupidity of yesterday’s wrong purchase mistake, I started on the t-shirt I mentioned designed by Grumperina (how ironic for my current mood!). I cast on with just the right amount of yarn, knit the first 5 rows, and then stopped to count up and check. I’d done it wrong. I had too few stitches. So I ripped it up to start again, started to cast on, and didn’t leave enough yarn to finish it, by about an inch. So I tried to find the end in the middle to tie on and use to help me finish rather than going through it again. Out comes a big ball with no visible end in it. I hunt around, find it, and then realise that all I have to show for it is a big mess of knots, so I can’t even cast on to the end. I rip up again, and start winding up all the loose bits. I then spend about 30 mins de-knotting the bit from the middle to make a little ball, try stuffing it back into the ball, and realise it won’t fit because I wound the outside on too tightly. Queue some unwinding on the outside, stuffing the miniball into the middle, rewinding the outside, stamping feet and swearing profusely till DB comes running out of the bathroom with a towel round his waist wondering what is wrong.
I tried again this morning, and again failed to use enough yarn to cast on. But this time the extra bit from the middle was ready for me, so I used it and literally have 1cm hanging off the edge. The yarn is slippy, and keeps trying to unknit the cast on by itself, but after 5 rows I have some hope. Incidentally, I managed to cast on two extra than I should… I knit 2 tog twice to save me the shame of ripping again. You can’t tell. Or you better not say you can if I ever finish it… And I haven’t dare count to check my stitch numbers after the first set of increases. If I leave a trail of nonsense here tonight, don’t ask 😉

2 thoughts on “A little bit more grumbling”

  1. Ugg. I’m so sorry–I’ve had days like that and have thought I should have come up with the name “Grumperina” too! Here’s hoping your new start will work out better 🙂

  2. Start stalking that postman of yours! I am BUMMED though — you CANNOT look at the green label n the box as they made me write on it what was in the darn box! Hmph!

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