I frogged Tivoli AGAIN last night 🙁 I managed to increase on the start of the row, and decided that it looked yukky and I would regret it even if I decreased to make the stitch count right. But, I do know that I really really want to make it. Whether it wants me to make it is another question… I hope so! I read today that Grumperina wants to make a standardised version with sizing and stuff, so now I’m not sure whether to wait and see what she comes up with for it. Besides, I’ve lost nearly half a stone now (not much overall, but bodes well for future non-fatness), which may require some playing with patterns. But I want to knit stuff right now! I’m not sure really what to do. I could finish my scarves off, and finish off the sock yarn, but I don’t really feel like it right now when it is sunny and lovely (well, not today!). I must be going through a really blah kind of period. Either that or I’m v tired after the weekend naughtiness of going out big time, and scared of my database ECDL test tomorrow (eek!), and the fact that DB is leaving for another 4 day conference tomorrow, the third in about 7 weeks. Or maybe all of them 😀 Maybe doing some designing would help. More about that later when I’ve got the laptop charged up
Oh well! I have lots of goodies to look forward to! That will make a big difference (Secret Pal – you timed yourself perfectly… Thank you again for that :D). Lovely secret pressie things, the Debbie Bliss club freebie joining doo dah in lovely alpaca silk. Mmmmmmmmmm. And the new Harry Potter… Hoorah! All very exciting. And I’m still planning that visit to Coldspring, but when it is happening I don’t know. Hopefully after I get paid 😀
oooo I feel better already!