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Well, things have changed yet again for knitting stuff. Because I’ve been so glum, I decided I needed some therapy, and have set aside the Tivoli t-shirt (particularly in consideration of the sizes Grumperina is having tested). Instead, I dived in to the Lace Leaf Pullover at last 😀 I have almost finished the botttom half (I love making something that is such a quick knit – I don’t often knit chunky). My justfication for making a cold weather jumper in the middle of a gorgeous summer period is that any knitting reduces the stash, which is going nowhere fast. At first I was a little confused by the lace chart, in particular with the dark squares labelled “no stitch”. Apparently I was being a tad slow, as I suddenly realised that it meant that there simply wasn’t a stitch there, and was just there to make the chart line up. Duuuuuuuh. I’ll post a pic once the bottom half is done, which should only be a day or two.
Although… That depends 🙂 A very kind Craftster soul has answered my 2 week old query on what to do with the VK bolero – woohoo! Apparently I’m supposed to follow the raglan until I get to the 5 stitches I need, something that wasn’t particularly clear in the pattern. In fact it wasn’t mentioned at all. The implication was to follow the neck decreases and when they finished, you’d have 5 stitches. But no! And I have frogged the left front (it looked rough), and am being very rational and have written down exactly what I’m doing on each row to the end of the front pieces for all the decreases. I should have the right front done by the end of today if I stick with it. Again, once I have something worth showing, I’ll post pics 🙂 It’s about time I posted some finished objects…
So, all this sudden exciting progression means that I am already planning the next things on the needles… I fancy knitting some socks, so I think I’ll use some scraps of Kid Classic to make the socks in Textured Knits (a book I got free from Knitting Magazine). I’ll have to weigh them to make sure there is enough yarn, but I have a couple of part balls of similar colours which could stripe together. I don’t fancy the bobbles tho, so I’ll skip those 🙂 2 needle socks could be quite a nice quick project, and using Kid Classic would make them even quicker, which is just what I need right now – something quick, simple, and comforting.
And I need to get something done before a trip to Coldspring this coming Saturday… 😀 Something to look forward to at last!

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