Am I wrong to like this?

Foggy Panda (Rowan)
This is Foggy Panda from the new Rowan magazine. I haven’t received the magazine yet, but I HEART the pic on this tank top 😀 It is the kind of pic that I’d buy on a t-shirt, and I can tell that this is one of those projects that I will dream of because of how much I want it. BUT, is it really just like one of those tops your mum knits for you when you are 12? The one that she makes you wear and your friends take the mickey out of you? The Ron Weasley sweater effect? Am I blinded by the cuteness of the pic and not being practically minded? Let’s face it, I am not allowed to buy the yarn until I’ve got rid of some stash, but I sooooooo love this pic…
On the other hand, the Debbie Bliss rib detail cardi is progressing nicely, with the back and left front finished, and one sleeve with only about 8 inches left on it. That leaves the right front, other sleeve and the collar to make up, so I’m hoping that, with me getting a day off today and next Monday too, that I might have it finished in a week or so. I reckon I could have both sleeves done during the day, with some good films on the DVD player. And I should really try and keep up with the pattern testing I’m doing at the mo. I’ll post a pic when I’m done with that one too, as long as the pattern works ok and all that – I’m sure the designer will appreciate some promotion… 😉
Just for my brain, and my own use, I’m adding a plan for my knitting projects, seeing as September and studying is looming yet again. In order of need to finish:
1) Rib detail cardi, for when it is cold in work like last week
2) The pattern testing project, which for now will be secret 😀 Everyone else has secret projects, so I don’t see why I can’t too…
3) VK lace edge bolero, because it has been left hanging around for far too long, and I do still like it when I look at it.
4) Lace Leaf pullover, although looking at the stuff I’ve done so far with hindsight, I’ve suddenly got a bit less fond of the yarn 🙁 I’ll see how it goes with the top half but not make it too major a project.
5) Scarves, which by the time I’ve got to this stage, will need making in time for the Yorkshire autumn weather. Poo.
What then? I have loads of cardis to make, loads of yarn to use up, lots of ideas for my own patterns (mostly using the Ann Budd pattern books, but still, it will teach me a little), and lots of inspiration from patterns in books and magazines. Why is there so much to knit, but so little time?

7 thoughts on “Am I wrong to like this?”

  1. Curious if you got the emailed gift I sent last week to your hotmail account.
    I want to make sure that I attached it all OK!

  2. I LOVE that sweater!! I am torn on whether on not I would be able to pull it off at 28 but you could use the chart and make a kick butt purse with it. Or maybe just a wallhanging. Knitted art!

  3. SP – arrghh! No I didn’t 🙁 Hotmail has some really harsh junkmail stuff going on. Poo 🙁 Try my NTL account – just change hotmail to ntlworld – that account has no junk filters, and only gets mail from lists anyway, so it should work to there.
    Leah – I’m 28 too, but I reckon with the right clothes we could get away with it 🙂 That’s just how much I want to make that top 😀

  4. Fear nto – I’ve resent it to your newly advised email!
    Drop me a not that you’ve gotten it!
    I guess this means the ecards and notes I’ve been sending via your hotmail (grrrrr) email have all been missed too? Shucks — I will have to step-it-up!
    PS – That vest is a riot! Love it!

  5. GO FOR IT!!! Maybe then I can live vicariously through you til’ I can get my hands on that issue of Rowan. The more I look at it the more I want to knit it too!!
    You’ve corrupted me! 😉

  6. Bryony, I’m not so sure about the top, in truth. I’d vote for using the chart to make it into a bag if you love the panda pic. BUT of course, you must follow your own heart! (Also, thanks for having checked on me. I’m much better but got too far behind too many things to make it back to knitting yet)

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