Many apologies to SP and Leah – I just managed to make your comments spam instead of approved :/ The stupid labelling on the screen was wrong (and not me, nooooo sireeeee. The excitement of patterns didn’t get the better of me at all and didn’t make me all hyper or anything and not read things properly. Noooooo not at all…). Poo. But SP – you may already know that I got the email 😀 and Leah – I still have no magazine 🙁 But rest assured, I’ll be jumping on that pattern, and encouraging you to do the same just as soon as it arrives 😀 heheheheheh!

2 thoughts on “Bugger”

  1. I’m tagging you! There is a thing about idiosyncracies on my blog that is a kind of chain-blog thing. Post yours if you dare!

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