Not much…

Well, this session of Secret Pal is over, and it has been wonderful. The organiser has done so much work to get it all set up, and angels sent out, and maintaining everything, and has done a fantastic job. My pal has been brilliant. I am most definitely signing up for number 7, but not 6, because I’m going to have too much on with my tuition fees for the next couple of months. Shame, but it is better to do that than act as a bad pal to whoever I’m issued.
Also, not much knitting 🙁 I’ve been too busy with job applications for qualified posts this week. Cross your fingers for me. Interviews are planned for the 16th, so I won’t have to wait long at least, but I’m trying to think pessimistically so that I don’t get disappointed. I did have a little mini session though yesterday with someone I work with, who has become a knitting pal since I introduced her to it 🙂 She has been making some stunning knitted jewellry with wire and beads, and my attempts have been rather pitiful, so we met up for lunch to run through what I’d done and try and fix it. Apparently the wire I’ve been using is too thick, so I’m stepping down a level – we shall see how that goes…
This week I realised that Autumn is pending – every morning, regardless of what the weather has been like during the day or evening, the mornings have been rather chilly, and I’ve needed handwarmers. I’ve even seen my breath in a little icy cloud. I need a little scarf to keep me warm until the weather gets colder and I can justify a proper big chunky one. Luckily I have the lovely Rowan gift to make up in Kid Silk Haze, so I’m going to try and get that one done soon. I’d also love to make a particular scarf from Rowan 39, and given that my mum has given me a little cash to play with, I might price it up. This one is made from Kid Silk Haze and Felted Tweed (I think) knitted together in seed stitch in lovely stripes of colour. Because it is striped, it will take a lot of yarn purchasing, but luckily FT isn’t too expensive. Just the KSH. I’ll be checking the cost and my bank balance later to make sure I have enough for fees and purchasing online…
Anyway, it is very early in the morning for a weekend – my body clock is firmly set to work mode, so I might as well take advantage of it and get some of my neglected knitting projects done so I can start some new ones 🙂

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  1. Bryony!!
    I am bad bad bad! I have been delayed in sending out your last package and it will be slightly further delayed! Work has taken over my life these past few weeks — and then I’ve turned to organizing some things for the Katrina horror we’re going thru in the Pan Handle.
    I didn’t want to to think I’d forgotten you — heavens NO! I just haven’t had the extra time to bring your gift to a close! Hmph.
    Tomorrow I head to CHINA for 3 weeks — and I will be sure to wrap it all up and drop in the post when I return!!!!! Again — sorry — Life has swept me away!!!
    Your Very Happy To Have Spoiled You Secret Pal 5
    (I tried to drop you a hint with the “I (heart) NY” bag in the last box!!!)

  2. Bryony —
    Hmmm…I put this up here earlier — but see it didn’t take for some reason — so I’m writing it again!!!
    I’ve another little something that’s not finished yet… I’m bad bad bad… work had taken over a bit (I’ve currently no assistant…) and I’ve switched gears to set up some things for charity projects to help folks in the Pan Handle before I go… GO? Tomorrow I’m off to China for work for nearly 3 weeks… but whence I return, I’ll finish your little surprise and send it along from my house!! I live in New York City (a little hint was the bag that wrapped the last batch!)
    Didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten you!!!
    Your I’ve-Had-So-Much-Fun-Spoiling-You Secret Pal 5

  3. hello!
    Just been on your secret pal website – cats sound just as mischievous as dogs – my bf mum’s cat tries to eat the end of the needle as she knits! My dog ignores my knitting but if bored will try and sit on or steal my pattern to gain attention.
    Love the sound of a chocolate bar think England needs some of them!
    Also liked the fact she knew who you were and was checking your blog and you didn’t have a clue!
    Hope you’re week has picked up and you managed to design your jumper.

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