Very bummed out today 🙁 I haven’t posted much because of the cat taking over and work being mad mad busy. But the cat has disappeared. He went out last night, and hasn’t come back since. He’s been living with us just over two weeks, and has always been very very prompt, there are no signs of squished kitty on the road (v good), so I can only assume that he has either found his home again, or has found someone else to look after him. Either way, I can’t believe how much I miss him after just two weeks – I feel like I’ve lost a piece of me. I feel horrendous. I know that whoever lost him probably felt that way too, but we did what we could to find them, and then claimed him when we had no luck. We even named him (Oscar), and bought him a collar that reflects the light so that he wasn’t as likely to meet an end on the road. Poo.
Regardless, I have to try and pull myself together. I have work to do. I have an interview on Friday, so I need to get some research in before I go. I also should be doing research for my dissertation now, but I just can’t move on it yet. Not till Friday is done with. But right now it is hard to concentrate on either of them. I’m such a wimp. But I always knew I get attached too quickly. Poo.

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  1. We’ve had a cat move in here this summer, and I have a similar feeling about him – worried that someone is missing him, really hoping he’s going to stay. Haven’t put a collar on him yet though.
    What’s your interview for?

  2. I have a cat hes 11 months old hes so friendly and loving, i just can`t undertsand why he just left one friday morning. Hes only gone 5 days but i really miss him, everyday i cry and cry like you hes a prt of my family. I can`t live a normal life without my Barney. I just wish he would come back. Do you think he will? Ive put posters all over, through peoples doors shops, ive rung vets no cat. It hurts to be without him and yes i am 40. My children don`t as much as i do. Come back Barney.

  3. It is very traumatic – I was lost after only a couple of weeks with a cat who wasn’t mine. They do get lost, but also rest assured that he is probably staying with someone else. They often have a few families they live with (regardless of how much love you give them, it is just in their nature). I think he’ll come back to you. The other day, I was walking back from the shop and saw a man leaving a house, with a white cat with black patches following him down the path in a very Oscar like manner, but naturally bigger. It was a comfort to me to know that he was safe and happy. But they are very good at taking care of themselves too.
    And the children probably care more than they show – I know we did when our first cat died.
    Keep doing what you are doing – the local paper might have a lost pets section too so check that as well. Good luck, and lots of hugs.

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