Hot knitting action, and other excitement

Ok, so I didn’t get the job, but apparently, despite my fears, my interview was pretty good. I just need to get some more experience in a subject team environment. And the cat isn’t back – he’s definitely gone for good now I think. But we will be getting one sometime, just not for a while (more on why that is later :D).
BUT, I have been knitting. Too much in fact. I should be studying, but I just can’t get myself into gear at the moment. I have given myself a deadline for starting work on my thesis, and that is the end of this week. If I don’t then the knitting will be put away somewhere and I will throw away the key (or perhaps not)! I have nearly completed something, but I’m not going to post it until I’ve tried it on and made sure it is ok! I have also not yet frogged the Lace Leaf Pullover, but I’m not going to finish it with the Como. I’m going to get a colleague’s sister (who lives in the US) to order some Knitpicks Sienna to make it from I think. Krista has asked whether I finished it – no I did not! Here is my attempt at some pics, using my new camera phone (just purchased today! Yay! A nice little Motorola, and it seems vvv posh compared to my good old Nokia 3310).
Ok, so I can’t install the camera equipment for some reason… I’ll post them soon, I promise! But in the pics, I’m impressed that you can’t really see much of the grafting. There are occassional patches there, but nothing that wouldn’t come out in the blocking. Krista – let me know what you are knitting it with! I’m looking for a replacement yarn, and any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Don’t worry about the grafting – it takes a long time, but if you use the Knitty guide, it is much easier than it sounds 🙂 and keep the needles close together – they help keep stitch tension close to the knit tension. You’ll see what I mean when you try it. Use a safety line too, just in case…
Anyway, the big news has already been announced on Craftster. No, I’m not engaged/pregnant, etc. DB has been asked to go to a conference in Minneapolis, and my boss has said that I can go with him 😀 I’m very very very excited – US yarn shopping ahoy, plus the Sanrio store – what more could I need to keep busy while he’s in the conference? We stay for 8 nights, and he’s working for 3 or 4 days, so that should be a lovely break for him too, even if it isn’t all fun. Plus he gets free accomodation and flights, so he can’t complain too much! And DVD shopping too… And this is all rather lovely, because we will have been together for 10 years in November, which is when we are going 🙂 Lots of lovely romance too, with a bit of luck 😀 And shopping. 4 days of yarn shopping! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  1. sounds wonderful – the usa trip not the cat:(
    have a fantastic time and let me know what gorgeous buys you find. do you fly from manchester? can you now knit on aeroplanes again???
    and good luck on the romance front too – tell db you deserve some spoiling! 10 years you old mare!

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