Angelica moves on

Ok, a little delayed, but here are the first pics of Angelica… I’ve taken them this evening in poor light, so forgive the glare on the silk from the flash. Also, the colours look a bit stronger than they are in daylight. The colours in the silk change according to the light 🙂 I love that! They look darker and stronger in darker light, and paler and more subtle in daylight, which might sound a bit obvious, but the silk kind of eccentuates the effect, and makes the colours play a little more. Sounds really soppy but nevermind!
Here is a pic of how far I’ve got so far – I’m into increasing for the keyhole shaping.

And here is a shot of the yarn. I love this stuff, but the hanks I got have a few natural defects that you’d get with handspun silk – no worse than in Noro yarns that you pay more per yard for! I had to wind it into a few different balls per hank because some of the fibres were either fuzzy or weren’t fully spun and broke, but again, no worse than any Noro yarn or stuff like that. I feel a little concerned about the amount of yarn I have, but I’m crap at gauging it. Anyway, here is silky yumminess. I kind of wish I’d been brave and asked for a colour of my own, but I’m a terrible impulse shopper, and the varigation is beautifully worked, and I heart blue, so this will do very nicely thank you very much 🙂

Anyway, I haven’t got very far with reading Illuminated, but I love the way Alex speaks! He’s so cool… I can see why the girls love him. 😀 I haven’t read the Corrections, or White Teeth. To be honest, Zadie Smith pisses me off when I see her being interviewed, but maybe it is the northern lass in me – either way, the way she presents herself puts me off reading it. Although I probably will read it one day (but borrow it rather than buy it – she doesn’t need my cash, and working in libraries helps a lot!). And I hadn’t heard of the Corrections till Yahaira mentioned it – I’ll see if I can get it at work… In return I’m going to recommend the Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, although you’ve probably all already read it. If not, do. It is totally fascinating – you feel like you are watching something you shouldn’t… She is fantastic at creating characters. It is a while since I’ve read it, and now I feel the need to read it again – that doesn’t happy very often with me. Brilliant stuff.
Oh, and Illanna – I hope kf&b works – I’m using it right now 😀
Weeeeee! Knitting is good.

2 thoughts on “Angelica moves on”

  1. Oh lovely, lovely!! The color is grand I think you made a great choice!!
    These pics are making me so jealous to start mine!! Ah when will my yarn get here???

  2. Looks great! Cant wait to see more pics! I really hope my yarn gets here today…
    ah yes Zadie Smith can be a pain in the ass, but her first book was pretty good, the second one was alright, and I still haven’t opened the third one. The Corrections, in the other hand, is one of my favorite books. If you lived near by I would just let you borrow my books : )

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