Someone please tell me whether I should make the astrakhan cardi from the Fall 05 Vogue Knitting (without the cash aran bits on the cuff and collar), or whether I should go for the shawl collared cardi in the Simply Soft book.
Here is a link to a pic of the shawl collar cardi – shawl cardi
And here is the Vogue Cardi courtesy of another knitting blogger (no one seems to have finished making this thing yet…).
I’m going to frog something and start this. I’m a baaaad girl.

6 thoughts on “Help!”

  1. Hi, really like the second one – by the way, I’m having a bit of a cashmerino ashtrakan crisis – i have 5 balls of it and can’t think of anything I could make – how does it knit up? I’m kind of worried that with its texture it might resemble an old style teatowel…
    another library girl

  2. Woohoo! Another library girl 😀 Anyway, the astrakhan is very slightly tea towel ish, but if you do st st with it, one side is more bumpy than the other so you can choose which you like best. There is a mad scarf pattern for 4 balls of it in Simply Soft – a loopy stitch so that it looks like a completely giddy boa. I’ll post a pic of my swatch later on (all going well – I’ve asked for study leave this afternoon but as of yesterday they hadn’t sorted out cover for me… If I get it I’ll take a quick snapshot of it while it is light and post it up). It is gorgeously soft to the touch tho, and might actually NOT pill. Bugger to cast on with in the method I use…

  3. I go for the Vogue! From a fashion perspective it’s on the horizon of being “in Vogue”…moreso than the Debbie Bliss Pattern…
    Plus — there are so many options for the tie!!!

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