I am in love with several things on the Kim Hargreaves site. Sadly many of her designs would either never suit me (even though I looooove them), or just wouldn’t fit me 🙁 BUT, I have found something that really leaps out in her new collection. So, honest opinions please guys – is this worth me splashing out on as a kind of ‘hurry up and graduate so you can knit this’ treat? Would it suit me, or am I just getting carried away? It is a fair bit of cash for something like that, but it has a classic cut while managing to be fashionable. And I think it is gorgeous. It isn’t a million miles from my birthday either, so maybe I’d wait till then and pick something from the site for a birthday gift to myself. Or maybe I’d just order it next payday 😀

6 thoughts on “Hmmmm”

  1. Ya know Ms. Byrony, I cna’t deal with you and I can’t deal with Kim Hargreaves. I’ve always lusted at her site, and this was before I knew how to purl. Why oh why doesn’t she sell the patterns solo? Sigh. If you can get it as a gift, I say go for it.

  2. it is very cute !! I’d be a bit afraid it’d slip over the shoulders, but then you can always wear it with a pin or something if it does. And I’m pretty sure it would suit you perfectly, it reminds me of the fern cardi which suited you so beautifully !!!

  3. Oooh, this is the first time I’ve looked at the Kim Hargreaves summer things… I think that jumper is definately one of the best things, but they are all yummy. Pity you have to buy the kit though. What colour would you go for? BTW, Curious Yarns sock wool was a pleasure to knit with. I think that and a combination of my new bamboo dpns. What colours did you go for, or do I have to wait and see?

  4. Thanks for the input guys 🙂 Rest assured that payday and birthday are far away enough for me to finish other things (especially now that coursework is purely waiting for people to respond to my call for participants – that kind of coursework is the best 😀 I’m knitting!). Does Kim Hargreaves not ship to the US? I know she’s expensive, but sadly she is only slightly more expensive than most projects in the UK. And the yarns are all about the same prices too if you want quality (even the cheap ones are more expensive than the states. Poo). Ok, I think I lost the point here. Oh well!
    Ruth – thanks for the info on the yarn! I’m not going to reveal what colours I’m using – that would be telling 😀 I won’t reveal till the intended recipient gets the intended gift…

  5. Kim ships to the US, but the exchange rate is higher. I figure why pay of UK priced Rowan, when I can get it for US dollars.

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