The big reveal

Well, there are no knitting pics today for two reasons. The first is that I’ve spent all week in a mad panic over the gift knitting. It is a very very good job that you couldn’t hear me swearing and getting stroppy over it. I can’t say very much at the moment – the knitting was only finished today, and has to arrive at the recipient’s house and in her hands before I’ll be happy posting pics and chatting about it, but let me just say this. She better like what I’ve made her. 😉 The second reason is nothing so exciting. The weather is miserable here and isn’t good enough to get decent light for true colour in photos. I was planning on doing all kinds of exciting yarn piccies, and I’ve knitted a pile on a garment that a) isn’t a pair of socks and b) has not really had any progress made on it for a long time, but the photos looked crap. I’m sure after another week it will look much more interesting (particularly given the long weekend we have for Easter – yay!).
But I do have pics of something very lovely.
It is time to reveal who has been spoiling me, and who I’ve been spoiling for Secret Pal 7. I’ve really enjoyed myself, and the hostesses have done a wonderful job matching people up and keeping everything going. Heather was the hostess for my group, and she has been tops, sending regular emails to us and making sure we are happy, reading blogs and so on. My spoiler has got my taste spot on, and having found out where she lives, I’m aware that she has further plans 😀 She is the very lovely Aileen from Knitting Neels. She’s done a fab job, especially considering that she has been working herself like mad for her degree and performances. Go see her, look at her supercool fair isle hat and give her a wave 🙂
I’ve been spoiling the also very lovely Philippa at Petulant Feminine. Go see her, even though she is very naughty and did some research to find out who I was before I’d even put together her second parcel. The hussy 😀 Although she has made up for that by sending me this:

and this

Thank you P 🙂 The mobile colour scheme matches the blue in our bedroom, so I’ll be getting something to hang it from by the window (it is temporarily hanging from a picture hook on the wall in the lounge so I can still enjoy it). The biccies are chocolate swirl shortbreads made from a Green and Blacks recipe book I bought her, and some 70% choccy (also G&B). I’m so impressed that they arrived in one piece! And they were just delicious. I ate one myself at lunchtime and almost ate the other one it was that yummy, but was very good and saved it for DB. He took one bite, proclaimed that he wasn’t a fan of shortbread, and gave the rest to me, so I was rather happy 😀 I wish I’d have just eaten it though instead 😉 Anyway, go say hello to her and look at how wonderfully creative and crafty she is.
Finally, but certainly not the least important of all these, I got a beautiful postcard from my spoiler in Secret Pal 5, Kimberli, from China! Bless her 😀 Thank you Kimberli! You said you’d been following me, and I’ve been following you 😉 Go and read her blog (if you don’t already) and see how exciting her life is, and how famous she is now that she’s been named in the same sentance as Madonna 😉
Ok, that’s enough now. Time to go plan my next projects…

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  1. tee hee, he doesn’t like shortbread? what a terrible tragedy for you 🙂 Glad it made it to you safely. I’ve having to hold myself back from cooking more of the book so I can do some sewing instead tonight – too much temptation!

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