The prettiest girl in class

I think everyone knows her. She’s the popular girl. The pretty one who everyone wants to be like and be liked by. She’s the one that, with a flick of her hair and a little wiggle, can get the boys to do whatever she wants them to. And after that, they are hers. I’ve spent the past few months with that girl. She is beautiful, and that wiggle is very wiggly. I admit that I’ve fallen for her, been led on by her. She’s pretended to be my friend. But you know what? Underneath that she’s pretty boring, a little dull. There isn’t much to her really. She led me on for a while, but I got tired of her. When she realised I was starting to think about cutting her out altogether, she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back in. I’m not sure what she gets out of the relationship, but I look damn good hanging out with her, and that might do for now.
I’d like you to meet her.

That’s not her true hair colour tho. The next pic, although blurry, is much more accurate.

Yeah, she’s hot, but she has no substance. She took months of my time, and bored the hell out of me, but thanks to Yahaira, she’s away. Free from my needles, she looks a lot more glamorous than she is. I will never fall for her charms again, but I’ll enjoy what I got from this particular incarnation of our relationship (5 and a half balls of South West Trading Karaoke in Forest. And she may be boring, but blimey she must have a good conditioner – she is smooth and swift move round the needles).
Thanks Y 😀 Your nudging did good things and helped tidy up my pile of WIPs! Now I just have to transfer something I haven’t mentioned being knit to the list… 😉
The next plans are for the argyle sock pattern, with test knitter(s) so that I can make sure I’ve not just written a big piece of incomprehensible crap (I’ve not written a pattern before, so I think it is a good idea if I get someone to play before I plonk it on the web for all to criticise), the completion of the magic loop socks (almost 50% there), and the knitting of the maddest thing I worked with, which will no doubt soon be known as the worst thing I’ve knitted, but at least it will be warm and soft (two words important in my knitting vocab). And ideas for lots of summery light knits. Today it was about 15 degrees, but for some inexplicable reason, it was 26 inside at work. I need to prepare by making lots of cotton garments in case it continues to be strangely over heated. By that point they will probably realise the temps aren’t quite right and make the place colder than the poles. Nice.
In other news, I have had a delivery. My final SP7 parcel arrived from the lovely Aileen.

She totally surprised me 😀 There was no warning that something might be on its way. She was also rather lucky – yet again the postie decided the bin was a perfect place to leave a parcel. On the day before the bin men come. Phew… Anyway, in the parcel was a very very cool collection of goodies! A lovely long letter from Aileen (Aileen petal, I’m going to write you a response rather than email you. And who knows what else I might have in store…), two Sandra magazines, two balls of yarn, a bar of soap and a bar of choccy. The yarn is native Irish, with one coming from her trip to the Aran Isles in a lovely creamy 100% pure wool, and the other a big ball of cream with flecks of black, grey and brown in a superwash 100% wool 😀 Yay! The soap is Elderflower and Apple, and is absolutely luscious smelling and full of natural ingredients. The choccy is sadly absent from the piccy as it is currently on the chair arm next to me tempting my nostrils. It comes from an Irish maker called Butlers, and is 70% cocoa. I thought Green and Blacks were good. This is better – it has a long lingering aftertaste and an incredible creamy buttery texture. Mmmmmmmmmm. Finally the Sandra magazines – full of more of that incredible cerise pink I showed you from the first she sent me, with some fabulous lace patterns, gorgeous cabling/aran creations, and one pattern that particularly caught my eye – a cardi constructed so that is diagonally shaped at the bust and straight below that, with long wide sleeves, so that it looks a little like a cross between a kaftan and an empire line (if that were possible!). Sadly I can’t take pics of that – it got too dark and the flash will reflect from the paper, but I’ll try and get one soon.
Thank you Aileen – you have been a wonderful pal, regardless of what you think of your timing, but you seem to always have managed to get things to me when I’ve been having a rough week 😀 (this week it was ‘back to school and time to shout at librarians for things I have done and won’t admit to being responsible for or pay for’ week. They get stressed at this time of year, and who can blame them, but still, no need to take out their overdue fines on us and shoot the messenger).
I haven’t signed up for SP8 yet – I haven’t quite decided whether I’m committed enough right now, as it will fall while I’m preparing to submit the dissertation (if I ever get there). BUT, I have signed up for the One Skein swap, which requires less time but still plenty of contemplation and consideration of yarn, and the opportunity to knit lovely things – what more could I need right now?

6 thoughts on “The prettiest girl in class”

  1. Couldn’t have done it so fast without you, kitten. Do you see how I toned down the metaphor I used earlier in my email? Everyone missed out on some girl on male supermodel action 😀

  2. It’s really beautiful! Like the metaphor series, why was I never that girl… To the library i, have to write a paper by Sunday, so off to nailbite and kick myself for procrastinating so far…

  3. Yay!! I knew it would be le clap!! I think it’s really lovely. I’m sorry you didn’t adore knitting it up!
    Wow you got a great spoiler as you SP!! 🙂

  4. Your clap is so beautiful. I’ll be so happy when my yarn gets here, that’s what I get for jumping on the bandwagon so late. I have the nerve to want to make a light weight one, which prolly won’t get finished until NEXT spring. Maybe I should start my winter one now, lol.

  5. Yummy looking Clap! Yes – it does get a bit boring (I suplimented mine with 4 other WIPs)… but they are lovely to wear. I’ve been stopped in 3 countries by strangers asking me if I knit my Clap. 🙂 Wear it with pride!

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