Interesting stuff.

Yeah, yeah, another Futurama quote… I couldn’t help it 🙂 Anyway, I have a few things to show you today, and some updating on why I’ve not been blogging. After the evil weekend of coding, I ended up with an RSI related injury 🙁 Apparently I rest on my little finger a lot when I use the mouse pad on the laptop. It made it difficult to type (which I would have rested from totally had it not been for work and the need to surf/purchase 😉 ), and I got tired from knitting very easily. I’m now on leave for a week, so I’m going to do a small amount of work, a little resting and a LOT of knitting 😀

So what has happened while I’ve not been blogging? First of all, I ordered some goodies from Yahaira’s shop, Pure Knits. Yahaira’s is the only US shop I’m aware of who take Paypal payments so that I don’t have to worry about paying by credit card, AND ship to the UK. She also puts a hell of a lot of effort into her packaging, advice and support. I ordered on a Weds night, and the package arrived on the Saturday! In one piece! With no customs charge! Here is some eye candy to make you all jealous and run to order from her 😉

pureknits packaging.jpg

What did I order? Two hanks of Hand Jive Yarns Nature’s Palette in Indian Paintbrush, and 2 balls of Habu Textiles Mohair Silk Kusa in Onion. I also got a Shibui Knits pattern for a wrap top, which might be nice to wear at work. Gorgeous stuff.

habu and natures palette.jpg

The Habu I got just to try – it doesn’t have a pattern to go to yet, but it feels yummy 🙂

Habu mohair silk kusa.jpg

And the other yarn?

Natures palette.jpg

You’ll see soon enough in this post 😉

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mum in Holmfirth. We went to Up Country. We both spent money, but I got invited into the store room at the back to find an appropriate yarn for my OS secret pal 😀 Ooooh, it was heaven in there. And we met a woman and her daughter who’d come to visit the Guild open day and had come shopping for funky beginner patterns for the daughter, so we spent quite a lot of time offering advice and help. Mum persuaded me to buy the more expensive of the yarns I was looking at to knit up a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern for a raglan top down cardi.

So what did I buy? How about this yummy stuff 😀

debbie bliss alpaca silk dk 08.jpg

Mmmmm alpaca silk dk… Tasty.

Ok, so how about what I’ve been managing to knit?

I think I’ll leave that till tomorrow… 😉

2 thoughts on “Interesting stuff.”

  1. Im still shocked at how fast it got there! Im so glad you like everything, can’t wait to see what youve been knitting.
    the alpaca/silk looks delish

  2. YARN PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It all looks gorgeous! You do have expensive tastes don’t you 😉
    Can’t wait for our Texere visit! I feel I must purchase many skeins of yarn to dye…I’m developing a bit of a Kool Aid fetish!

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