Burnt as a crisp, but chilled out and happy Part 1


For some reason WP did not post the last two posts, so I’m very sorry if you think I’ve been a bit slack 🙁 Anyway, I’ve slapped them up, even if they are out of date now… Bugger.

I have lots of piccies, and lots to tell you all, so I’ll have to do it in stages. Otherwise, I will break your puters/connection with all the pics I put up, and/or I will go mad typing the whole bloody thing up.

Ok, so lets start with Friday. I had booked the afternoon off to go to stay with my friends for the weekend, and have a bit of a uni reunion. Sue and Sam live at Burghley House, as Sam works as a gardener there, and gets to live on site as part of the job. Ooooh, it is a gorgeous place. And it was gorgeous weather all weekend. Burghley has a long history, and has had lots of cool things filmed there, like the latest Pride and Prejudice film (Keira stroked Fen, Sue and Sam’s dog :D) and the Da Vinci Code (for those who are interested). Friday I arrived late afternoon, and met them and another mate at the station. Then we toddled back to the house and had a big buffet thing while we waited for the others, drank lots, waited a bit more, drank some more, watched Big Brother a bit, shouted and laughed at how poor it is/the people are/how cheesy TV is etc and had a bloody good natter all night.

This is the bit that Sue and Sam live in:
stable yard.jpg

and this is the view from the window outside their flat:
view from stable flats.jpg

The deer in the grounds often come up to the fountain first thing in the morning for a drink, but we weren’t awake at that kind of time, because we were dirty stop ups.

Saturday was a bit awkward – we were expecting more friends to arrive for lunch, and the footy was on in the afternoon (or rather, knitting time for Sue and myself), so we just went into Stamford in the morning for a bit (a lovely lovely little place – visit it if you get near enough), and picked up goodies for a picnic. When we got back we went for a walk round the sculpture park. I took loads of pics there, but I only had my little phone cam which doesn’t really do it all justice, but trust me, it is fascinating. There are the three bears complete with porridge bowls and a little area for the kids to sit in for stories. There is a mad glass space hopper, a huge partial face (that you can see on the website), a completely mad sound experience in the Ice House (an hour long soundtrack with different people saying the same words and phrases in different languages – after a couple of mins it can drive you a bit potty), and very beautiful sculptures made from tree trunks that blend into their surroundings. Well worth a wander round. We sat by the edge of the lake to eat, under a willow, and watched the world go by. Bliss. See?
lakeside picnic.jpg

By the time we’d done that and met the others on their arrival it was football time. Sue and I sat and knitted away, and nattered at the back of the room while the football fans watched. Sue also instigated the first England goal, by leaving the room and coming back in to cheers. Sue is magic. After the match, Sam burnt barbequed some stuff up, and we stuffed our faces in the sun again.

That’s it for now. I have to go and apply more aftersun on my nose/shoulder/arm/any other bit the factor 20 missed or got sweat off… But trust me, there will be yarn porn, knitting content and pictures of animals being generally gorgeously cute. Be warned…

5 thoughts on “Burnt as a crisp, but chilled out and happy Part 1”

  1. Those poor people – it must be hell-ish to live in a place like that (oh lordy I am sooooo jealous, it is gorgeous!), imagine living there and having time to knit too (I could get seriously distracted by a place like that). I have bought some stuff from the amazing Yahaira – you were right, she is seriously fabulous.

  2. what a really sweet write up – you are too kind! am looking forward to part 2 and knitting pics!

  3. yes, am loving the hot weather – but am I the only person who looks as though I have been whipping my feet with a rope thanks to the welts caused by my (super trendy – yessssss!) flip flops? Also, hope you noted, library girl, the key thing about da vinci code movie that it is possibly the only time a “hero” will ever call out in a film “quick, I need a library!” – really makes our lives worthwhile 🙂

  4. Teehee! – another library girl, that was the best bit of the film 😀 I just hope he had some ID on him when he got there. And I’m using *gasp* last year’s flip flops, so I have avoided all blistering in that sense, but my new con style pumps rubbed my heel something rotten while I was wearing them in :/ If you walk behind me, don’t look at my heels…
    Juliet – yes, they seem to really suffer living there. They must have committed some bad karma stuff in a previous life. And Yahaira rocks 😀

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