I spent the last couple of nights going through my stash to work out exactly what I have and listing it on a spreadsheet. I haven’t even finished and I have 55 different yarns (although some may just be different colours of the same range, but I don’t mix colours really). Gah. I still managed to fit them all (just) into two plastic lockable crates though. I REALLY need to make some room…

[runs off to knit things]

[Update] I have just under 13 kilos of yarn. And that’s before I even consider the future projects box and the box that holds the chunky yarn that won’t go anywhere else at the mo… Luckily many yarns have a project attached. I just need the time!

4 thoughts on “Arggh”

  1. rofl, it must be the time of year of it. One of my home ed friends spend most of yesterday sorting her stash too!

  2. I have all the shelves at the back of a wardrobe, I fantasise it is a bit like Narnia – if I were ever strong enough to prize the bags of yarn apart I would end up behind them in the yarn shop of my dreams and I would be the only customer…..

  3. Hey Byrony, am so jealous of your garden pics, beats living in a one room student residence any day! Think it’s very admirable of you to check your stash, have no idea of how you think playing with wool in this kind of weather could possibly be fun, but looking forward to seeing update on the scarf soon, think it’s really fab to make it from squares!

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