Stupid [insert IT related word here]

I’ve been waiting for days to be able to post stuff on here, but I’ve never been able to get into my post creation page 🙁 But at last! Here we are 😀

If you are planning to enter the blogiversary contest, hurry up! There are lots of you regulars who haven’t entered yet, so get your speedy knickers on and sort yourself out 😉

Anyway, I have loads of ace things to show you today. First up, my Sockret Pal, Gwen, sent me a parcel, and didn’t even tell me! It was a huge surprise (in all senses of the word huge) when I went to collect it from the Post Office depot! A big tasty purple box with my name on it was presented to me 😀 I had to wait till I got to work to open it, and when I did, I had to take pics of it with my camera phone because it was so beautifully wrapped, so please excuse the poor quality of the image. Gwen has put so much care into this.


How gorgeous is that?! My colleagues were itching for me to open it all up, and frankly, so was I. All these goodies!


Hoorah! Every one of them just lucious. First up, the fibres.


We have here a hank of Dicentra Designs Hand Dyed Yarn in Kingsfoil. The picture below is more accurate for colours, even though it is a little dark.


The yarn is beautifully soft, particularly for a superwash wool/nylon blend. As I said to Gwen, most of the UK wool/nylon sock blends are usually either really stiff or scratchy, at least until they’ve been washed a few times. This stuff is super tasty 🙂 And the colours are very me – Gwen picked out a colourscheme that I actually used to wear at college – tiedyed green dress with purple tights and green docs 🙂

The roving is Ashland Bay Trading Company 100% merino.


Again, a stunning choice. The colours are like oil on water, subtle yet luminous. As usual the camera won’t quite capture the colours, but this one is actually a little closer than the daylight one.

The rest of the package was just as lovely – a lavendar votive and bag (handmade by Gwen – see the little charm on it?), and some cute little pusscat stitchmarkers 😀 And a very cool little knitterly card 🙂 BTW Gwen – did you make the stitchmarkers too? You don’t say and I forgot to ask you when I emailed you.


Gwen has got me down to a tee with this package, and I’m really looking forward to meeting her formally in the reveal in, oooh, 5 months or so! Thank you so much Gwen. It’s a wonderful set of gifts – more than I could ever have asked for or expected 🙂

I have loads more to show you tonight, but I’ll do a separate post to make sure Word Press doesn’t hate me…

6 thoughts on “Stupid [insert IT related word here]”

  1. NOW who’s the lucky bag?!
    That wool is GORGEOUS!
    I think you need some purple mary-jane Docs with those socks-to-be!

  2. Wow! Cool photo shoot and great link that Ruth gave you with a photo of the sock made with this yarn! I bought the yarn from the folks at Crown Mountain Farms and they are so pleasant to work with – check out the photos of their other Dicentra yarns- pretty cool stuff. I did not make the stitch markers- I get all of mine from Karen at:
    She’s wonderful and her markers are gorgeous and well made. Enjoy!

  3. How! What a fab package!! That yarn is really spectacular!! And the roving?!?! I can’t wait to see that all shaped up!

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