A quick confession too…

There was just a yarn accident at Posh Yarns. I suspect I am not the only casualty. I crashed into several skeins of sock yarn. To compensate Dee, I have given her money towards reconstructing her shop. The only serious injury is to my stash box, but a few bandages and heavy objects on top of it will fix that. And some knitting.

4 thoughts on “A quick confession too…”

  1. Luckily, I was stuck on a train at 5pm on Sunday which saved me from the same accident that has been happening on Wednesday afternoon’s recently. However I do NEED some aran cashmere to make some more handwarmers with….

  2. Sounds like a happy accident to me too.
    I had a similar accident, only I have 4 more patterns now, but no wool to knit them from

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