Update on concerns

It’s going to be very very close. I just weighed the skein of Jaggerspun again. Last time it was about 19g. Now it is 13g. Based on my ‘so clever I’m stupid’ maths (which, I would like to add, I had to look up on here to be able to do my calculations), I need 12g of yarn to finish.
I may make this by the skin of my teeth. Pray that I have enough yarn.
In other news, I watched the last few episodes of Desperate Housewives season 2 (I’m waay waaaaay behind), and spotted Bree’s sweater in the last couple of episodes. Anyone who has watched this will know which one. Again I’m probably way behind on this one, seeing as I only fleetingly glance at Craftster at the moment, but in case I’m not alone, it’s the green one with all the cables and lace. A lovely jacket with wide ribbing on the front and a belt, and fantastic pockets (yeah I know, pockets are pockets, but these? Read on) where the ribbing lines up with the cabling on the front. So after watching the finale and finishing the central section of the wrap, and getting all giddy and frustrated, then remembering that DB has already downloaded the season 3 episodes I’ve missed, rewound and paused and still advanced lots and lots, and within 10 mins had a basic drawing of the knitting on the back, and idea of the sleeve construction, and a very vague view of how the front works. Now all I need is some cheap aran or dk (I’m not sure which, but I’m guessing dk right now for the sake of fitting on all the pattern. Maybe, if I ever finish anything ever, this could be a major PS2.0 work…

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