Just processing some thoughts

I’m currently enjoying a couple of extra days off to make up for the week of leave that turned into sickness, and it is bliss. Yesterday I did a little housework, and a lot of lazing around and enjoying a quiet house and a quiet environment. I also managed to knit a sleeve and attach it to the hourglass sweater, so now I just have one sleeve, the yoke and the sewing over to do. Definitely looks good for finishing this month. For some reason though, knitting the sleeve really tired my hands out. Because I finished well before lunchtime, I could have really made a dent into the second sleeve, but no. My poor yarn finger couldn’t handle it.
Instead I ripped out the sock I was making in STR (Retro Rib btw), and changed my pattern to RPM from Knitty, and it looks soooo much better. The pattern is currently following the stripe in the yarn perfectly. It is ACE. I suspect that will change, at least after the heel, but for now it looks just spot on 😀
The point of this post is kind of to gather my thoughts for future knitting. These projects have been taking my time up for so long that I’m not sure where to head next when they are done. I’d like to stick with the PS2.0 theme colours, which means knitting up my Knitpicks Andean Silk, which should be good. I’ll also finish off my stripey cardi, which won’t take long at that gauge, and Chris’s socks, another quick job using DB Cashmerino Superchunky. All of those feature green, so it would be nice to incorporate some of the yellow and pink too (pink and purple will be featuring in my next gift knit – a friend reminded me that her April birthday often still has snow, and we are due snow next week, so a scarf it is!). I don’t think I have ANY yellow in my stash 😀 Do you think I’m a yellow girl? There you go then. There are some nice pinks though. The only question is which pinks and how to use them. Because, you know, clearly I cannot actually think about working on the projects from this section that will need finishing off (Chrissie and the felted bag), or even just starting them properly. And I’ve decided to frog Print O’ the Wave and reknit it using the same yarn, doing it correctly (!!) and using the added border from the Posh Yarns version so that I don’t run out of yarn. It does mean it won’t get knitted up until August, but it will take one WiP off the list till then, and by the time that one is finished, it will work for an autumn scarf.
I’m really enjoying thinking in terms of colours and timing – it is definitely making me think about my stash yarns in a more creative way and about how to put yarns together rather than how I can use that one yarn, that single fibre, that couple of balls with x yardage. The inspiration on the Flickr site is overwhelming – there are so many very talented people out there, and for some people this may be the best way to discover their own creative voice.
Hmmm, that was an odd post, but I need breakfast now. Hopefully there will be pics of a nearly finished jumper soon. Or at least a pretty RPM sock.

3 thoughts on “Just processing some thoughts”

  1. It was interesting though – I like ‘seeing’ how other knitters think.
    I don’t have much stash at the moment, but I am hoping to enhance that a bit at the beginning of April, so we shall see how that goes *fingers crossed*

  2. I want to see your sock! I like that pattern. Also, I know what you mean about knitting pains, it’s so annoying when that happens! It guess sometimes we just knit at a funny angle or something.

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