Another post? Has the world gone mad?

Nope, just managed to scrounge the memory card and cable 🙂
Whiskers and Paw Prints socks by the Keyboard Biologist, made in Fleece Artist Sea Wool Rose Garden.
And the heel detail:
They are frankly, gorgeous. This is not down to me or my skills but the pattern design and the fantastic yarn. I love Sea Wool. It is a little splitty, and I have no idea how well it will wash, but it knits up beautifully and quickly and it is silky smooth yet the spin has texture to it. I don’t have enough yarn left to make socks for myself but I think there will be enough to make some fingerless gloves from the Marnie McLean site… For info, the leg was kept short (only three pattern repeats, and it reaches just past the ankle), and the foot is about UK size 5. That equates to a 5″ leg from cuff to the bottom of the heel, and 9.5″ from heel to toe with a short row heel (making it a bit harder to estimate the size). It is a tight knit too, which means it has to fit the foot perfectly with no room for stretch in it. It took up about 74g of the yarn, which comes in 120g hanks, so you could make a long leg, or a gents’ sock out of it, but there isn’t much room there for making a large size with a long leg I’m afraid. Although Roo managed it with 9″ of yarn to spare! oh, and please note that the colours are a little deeper then they show up in the photos – the light is bleaching my pics and I’m not clever enough to fix it 🙁
Ooo, and this is my 2 hours of work this aft – about 4-5″ of leg of Monkey before I start the heel, or the cuff and 4 repeats of the pattern. I’ve already used up 15g or so of yarn, so I figured to be safe I’d start the heel here and then I should have enough for the foot.
Who knows, I might have a finished sock long before I set off for Spain 🙂 We go next Saturday so if I don’t post before then I’ll send you a postcard ;D

8 thoughts on “Another post? Has the world gone mad?”

  1. Whiskers & Paws are simply GORGEOUS! Really stunning. Love them & I’m sure they will be so appreciated.

  2. Oh yum yum yummy!! Your green is even nicer than my green! Have a fab holiday, and thanks for the tip re Bloglines!

  3. Mmmmm…. Green wool! I love green. I need more sock yarn….must go shopping……need a post card from Spain…….love monkeys……lol

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