Half a pair :)

What better way to ease a mixture of hangover (a third night out for birthday celebrations!), a dodgy tum from eating the wrong foods (they were very very good though), hayfever and a poor night’s sleep by knitting socks with a snoring kitty by your side and the first season of X-Files on tv? Yup, my first Sockapaloooza sock is finished 😀
Here is the token patio door shot:
And here is a better shot of the detail.
Today was the perfect day to take these pictures – the sun is out and where our patio doors are is a sun trap and wonderful place to get photos mid-afternoon when the sun has just sneaked past the window. The weather has meant that not only were photos possible, the colour is about as accurate as I can get it without fiddling with the pics 😀 The pooling is obvious in that striping, but it looks so pretty it is totally forgivable, with the stripes within the stripes, and the lucious pink and purple blending with the gold, sand and almost a taupe wonderfully. The yarn is fab to knit with, so I can only imagine what it might be like to wear! And yes I know that is my foot filling the sock, but that was for picture taking only – the sock has yet to be blocked, so the foot method of demonstrating a pattern is still currently the best.
Oooo, I hope they fit my pal… Oh, and thank you for all the lovely comments on the sock in progress! I haven’t had much time at home this week (hence the hangover and funny tum etc etc), so I’ve not had chance to email any of you, but rest assured your compliments are appreciated and I will contact you all personally 🙂

13 thoughts on “Half a pair :)”

  1. Great sock! Hope you are feeling better. I’ve been in the garden all day cleaning the “new” greenhouse (it has moved about 6 feet from my next door neighbour and it is very dirty) Now my eyes are so puffy I can hardly see to type. Grr, I hate hayfever.

  2. Ooooh that sock looks lovely! I’m almost finished with my first one now! Once i’ve knit up her partner, i’m going to get a bit more adventurous and try a patterned one!
    And i neeeeeeed to see this cute picture of Joe and Rupert 😛

  3. Beautiful socks – I envy your sock pal. 🙂 And you’ve inspired me to celebrate my 30th b-day this August with a bang…instead of ignoring it.

  4. I was curious if you are writing this pattern up? I would love to try it sometime, it’s beautiful 🙂 and I hope I am your partner..lol

  5. They are gorgeous – are you sure you can part with them, they look very happy by your window. Hope you are feeling better by now

  6. They’re looking lovely!
    (And now I know where my sunshine has escaped too. I’m going to come over and take it back!)

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