Moving on.

I’ve had to re-write this post slightly, as when I typed it up, I thought I was a couple of days from finishing the stranded knitting, but now it is done! Hoorah! If you want a look, go look me up on Ravelry (it is the only stranded knitting in my projects so you can’t miss it) 😉 I don’t think I’m all that good at it, but I do think that I improved as I went along, and I want to develop my skills and make more stuff like this. So, thanks to the Sockdown on Ravelry, I’m going to start one of the many Nancy Bush patterns I have hanging around the house, and what better one to work on than the wonderful Laila’s Socks from Folk Knitting in Estonia? Not many people have posted finished projects of these socks, but those who do have done fantastic work – work that I could never compare my pair-to-be to right now. Remember that rose and chocolate coloured Opal? I’m still deciding which to name main colour, and which contrast. Most people seem to have made them with the paler shade as the contrast colour, so I’ll probably stick with that for now. Cast on is imminent i.e. now from eagerness and excitement 🙂
As is the cast on for Juliet! I’m still trying to work out whether I can justify casting on for it yet – should I start another project for myself or should I start work on the last of the projects I need to make for others? I’ve been drawn towards a Drops pattern too, but there is plenty of yarn for both, and Juliet will be quicker. The not-so-secret baby knitting is slowly moving on too. Is it really possible that I have so few projects physically on the needles right now? How did I manage that? Through much hair pulling and wrenching of clothes, and a very strict no cast on policy. Still so much to do though. There will be two 0% items on that sidebar for some time yet 🙁 Said not-so-secret baby knitting is a blanket in a method which is very zen but not very exciting. I want it finished as it is loooong overdue and I have that cardi to start for my friend at work too, which will NOT be zen or stupidly easy… Any ideas what kind of size a baby blanket should be?!
Pippa is still waiting to be sewn up. The Tapestry didn’t felt as much as the Kid Classic and might fray, but another wash would be too much. The instructions do say you need to stitch round the edges of the shapes cut out before you sew them to the bag and that is what is slowing me down – it isn’t worth setting up the sewing machine to do this bit, and I can’t remember how to blanket stitch. I have looked it up on the web though, so hopefully it will get done sooooooon.
Wow. Only 2 projects actually on the needles. Best enjoy it while I can – won’t be long before it expands again… 😉

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  1. I think that a baby balanket to fit a standard cot is about 100 x 120 cm. Anyone correct me if I am wrong! Good luck with keeping to 2 knits, I am not managing that at all at the moment!

  2. I was going to say a metre square for a baby blanket which is pretty close to what Lin said.
    I have so much I want to knit too, but I’m just so slow! Must force myself to learn continental to help pick up the pass. I just get too eager to cast on and away I go with the throwing.

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