I finished something!

Weee 🙂 I finished Rosemary successfully with very odd chunks and bouts of knitting. I don’t think I’ll show you a photo on here though – the pic is BAD in more ways than one. The mirror was covered in dust, and the top isn’t really good enough to warrant a polish before my spring cleaning plans kick in on my week off (not this weekend while we have the long Easter weekend – have too many other things to do!). It was super quick to knit, and it has fab pretend sleeves (made by just making the shoulders wider than your own and minimal shaping on the armholes), and I’m pleased to say that I can probably carry off a deep v neck (i.e. I can knit Ms Marigold). But it is way too big, and as I suspected it doesn’t do anything for me. I’m happy though – it is finished, and I finished some knitting 😀 and also it is warm and snuggly and being too big, even without arms, makes it feel like a comfort top. And given that it is going to snow again and will continue to do so, and that I got to the point that I decided it wasn’t worth continuing to finish sewing up my Craft magazine skirt (too small in spite of carefully calculated increasing of the size, including extra just in case – pretty poor considering it is a wrap skirt too! Also I cannot do curved hems apparently. Straight hems – fab. Curved hems round the base of the skirt – Awful with a capital A), a comfort top is exactly what this girl needs.
But here are some photos of cat action. Joe wanted to assist with the sewing to the point where I thought he might eat a pin… Urk!
At first all is calm…
Then things occur…
Also I could do with some help deciding what to make next. My secret socks aren’t too far from finishing (the heel will probably be finished on the second sock by the time you read this), and I do have some socks of my own to finish (Denmark in Posh Yarn Emily in Elephant), although they aren’t really calling much to me. I’m thinking that I’ll work on the secret socks and my top down raglan in the Mmmmmmalabrigo, then I need to decide whether I want to frog the Denmark socks or not. At the moment, with the amount of time it takes me to knit, I’m tempted to scrap them and do something I’ll definitely enjoy instead. But nothing too complicated still. Once the secret socks are done, I have to try and start the cabled cardigan for Yvonne again (poor girl has been waiting longer than my sock pal for a sign of something!), so I figure I’ll work on one project for me (not including socks ;D) and one for another person till I’m done with my demands. But there are so many garments I want to make for me! It isn’t far enough into the cardi for me yet to decide where I’ll go afterwards, but still I’m drawn to the desire to make other things, cast on, knit something new. I still have those 2 Kim Hargreaves kits to knit up, and the yarn for Rowan Chrissie (the free pattern with 4 ply yarn and a little pocket and button embellishments, not the other one) has been in my workbasket for months, and Ms Magnolia is calling because of the deep v. And all those gorgeous socks out there! And the lovely Socktopus club socks I haven’t made yet. And mittens. Which reminds me I still need to finish the Fetching mitts… Perhaps I should finish those before I think of what to do with my Denmarks. Arrrgh!
Well, at least I’m keeping the number of projects on the needles a lot lower than before 😉 Any ideas what socks a gal can make on 3 or 3.25 mm needles without having to look at a pattern too much? Sounds like I’ve already decided to frog Denmark anyway. Maybe I’ll just go the plain st st route and try and make it quick. Or maybe I’ll make some mittens in the yarn instead given the snow! And as soon as I type that, the sun comes out. That would be a no then 😉
Update: I finished the secret socks through some miracle, and frogged the Denmark socks, and am working on Ms Marigold now. Woot! And also considering starting the first Socktopus club socks seeing as they seem a lot more simple than they look…

7 thoughts on “I finished something!”

  1. Whitby by Nancy Bush works on 3mm needles with Posh Yarn Emily… really easy pattern because the diamonds tell you when to cable.
    Glad you are back into knitting, I’m looking forward to seeing Ms Marigold. I loved the one I made for my friend Lauren….

  2. Fab cat pics!
    I’m working Twin Rib from SKS at the moment & the pattern is very easy but more interesting than SS.

  3. She’s back she’s back! I got quite out of puff reading your post – you HAVE been busy! It’s great to hear you are knitting again, and so full of great ideas. I was thinking of you last night actually, as I just got my paws on “Knitting Nature” and spotted the Ram’s Horn Jacket – it always amazes me how different a garment can look in different yarns! My brain is buzzing now…

  4. Joe is gorgeous! of course he wants to help, that’s what cats are for isn’t it?
    I think you were right to frog the Denmark socks – knitting time is too short to be making something we don’t enjoy.

  5. What would we do without kitties to help us along in life? lol
    How about the Tuscany pattern that you can find on my blog. Easy peasy.
    Good luck:D

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