A little finishing, a little frogging, and the world’s longest rows.

I should point out that I mean rows as in knitting, and not rows as in arguing… 🙂 Ahh, the joys of communicating by the written word.
Anyway, I finished some socks and frogged some socks 🙁 Luckily not the same pair though. Here are the finished ones:
Hoorah! There is a surprisingly large amount of yarn left – I only did 5 repeats on the leg, but could easily have made the full 6 if I was inclined. But I wasn’t, so that’s ok. The remainder will be sent to Ruth (Roobeedoo Ruth) when I finally get round to sending her some new yarns to try (I do have to knit them first you see). In fact Ruth has probably forgotten all about this plan, and might not want any anymore! The yarn is White Willow sock yarn in Medicine Woman, a superwash merino which is sooooo soft and cushy you need to go buy some from Etsy right now.
The frogging? That was the Karenina socks 🙁 Luckily I tried them on when I’d done about 3 inches or so, and realised that my crappy legs will not do the pattern justice. I’m debating what to do with the yarn now – maybe some colourwork socks, but also maybe endpaper mitts…
Anyway, back to the longest rows. I’ve done 3 rows on a lengthways scarf in lace weight yarn, and can safely say that this scarf will be on the needles for a substantial amount of time… 272 stitches plus non-lace addis plus me equals really non-motivated knitting, but I really need to do this and make it work, as it is a gift :S Also, the U neck vest is a slow burner, and again, after all the frogging, another one I am determined to finish regardless of how I feel about it. It’s from stash yarn, so if I can finish and it works, yay, but if I finish and it looks bad, no biggy.
Also, some new arrivals 🙂
Kureyon Sock yarn in 188. The little tangle is actually the inner end of the skein – I’ve heard a lot of people unhappy with the inside of the skein, but I’ve been lucky and got a good one. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a matching pair of socks, but it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t 🙂 I know that this sock yarn isn’t that well loved because of knots, tangles etc, but I had to try it when I saw this colourway…
And finally, the latest Socktopus sock club package (I think most people with have theirs now):
Mmmmmmm 🙂 The yarn is just deliciously soft and silky (a BFL/nylon blend from MiddleEarthKnitter), and I confess I have cast on for the pattern. I’m determined to finish a sock club pattern before the next package comes out, and this seemed like a good opportunity! And it is definitely knitting up quickly – the first squares are next up 🙂
Finally, make sure you go and visit my old sock pal Abigail is having a big contest, and all you need to do is comment on her blog 😀 Go over and see her and say hello 🙂
She’s inspired me – my birthday is coming up, and maybe I’ll hold a little contest myself… I might copy her idea (sorry Abigail!), or I might come up with something a bit different, I haven’t decided yet, but I should mark the occassion a little.

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  1. I haven’t forgotten! Still putting together a collection of leftovers for you in return me’dear! Ooh yes – endpaper mitts would be lovely in that colourway – go for it! I sympathise re long rows. That’s why my Jyri scarf hasn’t got off the ground yet. Very intersted to see how the Noro yarn works out – I have heard it might be a bit scratchy…?

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