Dooby doo and a bit sad

Firstly, a very sad day. My fave DJ, John Peel has died. Big shock to the system. He basically taught me to love most of the music that I am into now, and therefore made me the woman I am today. Without Peelie, I would never have found my love of PJ Harvey, and (and this is sad in a cheesey way), would never have met my partner, Dave. So, in a really appallingly small world crappy way, a lot of his work has helped make and change my life.
Peelie – you will be missed a great deal. The world will miss your dry humour and down to earth politics.
Anyway, back to normal boring day to day stuff. Today I finished the silly scarf my friend asked for yesterday. It is the pink mess from last week, but in blue variegated Bigga, with blue Fizz. I actually like it a lot, even tho the yarn was a bit gammy looking on the ball. The fizz really perks it up. I have half a ball of Fizz left, so am relying on the wonderful people of to guide me as to how to use the weird stuff up.
Have used up the pink Bigga on a hat from ChicKnits. DB laughed when I put it on, as it is a bit old lady-ish/teacosy like, but it is warm and cosy like the scarf. I’ll see if I can get a decent pic of it. I have the sneaky feeling that friend with blue scarf might want the hat as well, but maybe not 😀
Next job, to finish Sarah. M’s SnB bag and Shirley’s birthday scarf… And to go yarn shopping at Up Country in Holmfirth with Annie 😀 Yay!
Lastly, thank goodness for Little Britain on BBC3. What would I do without the crap transvestites, Vicki Pollard and Tom Baker’s voice over?