Scarves, scarves and more scarves…

Well, the silly scarf appears to have taken off a bit. Not only does Briony have one, but Sarah M. and Amanda is considering an investment in my time too 🙂 Woo!
Also, do a search in google for stuff I mention on here, and apparently I rank rather highly. Goodness knows why though…
Mum is coming over this weekend for her birthday treat. My re-discovery of knitting has inspired her, and she has now made two scarves herself in the past 4 days, plus has plans for a poncho. Therefore we plan a rather tasty shopping trip to Holmfirth and Up Country 😀 Oh dear, what a shame! Then we come back to town to shop, and then brother will be coming over too to do the meal thing. Jumbo chinese anyone? Not sure that will do the tummy thing anygood tho. Think I may have to copy another blog and do some online dieting/knitting therapy.
I learnt some new things today, which is a good thing, as I better do while I’m doing the masters! I learnt something that never was taught when I was at school but seems to be part and parcel now. Metonymy and synedoche are both very interesting words for things that we use everyday without realising it. They are also very important for librarians, because they make life very difficult 🙁 Lets see if I can get this right… The former is using a property or result of a thing to refer to it (e.g. smokes = ciggies). The latter is when you use a part of something to refer to the whole (e.g. wheels = car). I have no doubt that someone will tell me otherwise sooner or later… My, I have an interesting life 😉

3 thoughts on “Scarves, scarves and more scarves…”

  1. Heya Bry – that pink scarf with the eyelashes on freaks me out. Really, Really Scary. Stu 🙂

  2. Yeah, but you don’t have to wear it 🙂 If you aren’t careful I’ll make you and Annie matching ones for Christmas ;D Actually, you’d be surprised how cosy it is. Maybe liking it is a Huddersfield windy town thing…

  3. Do you promise? I’ll have mine in Poo brown with giant monobrows on please – an ears, lots of ears. 🙂

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