My first felt

I made this bag this weekend, and dressed it up yesterday. It will be a birthday gift for Katy, and I don’t mind saying so, because she doesn’t really do the web thing 🙂 But it does mean that I can get my mates to look and tell me whether they think she will like it before I give it to her (and give me a back out clause in case I decide to get her something else)…
Felted bag.JPG
Am also a little disappointed that Bush looks to be voted back in for another term. But then we don’t see him the way the US sees him. In the UK he is presented as a bumbling puppet, but also a puppeteer of Blair, but I’ve heard tell he is quite enigmatic when you see him unedited. But then, as DB says, Hitler was enigmatic too… 😉 Maybe he’ll calm down now that he knows he has had his final election and get on with making right decisions. Who knows…?