A gentle weekend

I value my weekends far too much. Because I tend to go to bed quite early in comparison to some people my age (and crikey do I feel old for it, but I’ll live longer…), I don’t get to see much of the db, in between cooking and him having a bath, and me studying and going to bed. This weekend was nice. I studied and knitted another felted bag for someone at work (the same pattern from Hello Yarn, but in Rowan Chunky Print in Tart – I’ll take a picture when it has dried, cos I think I might knit a corsage for it, but the yarn seemed to go further, while the bag felted smaller. V odd). I cleaned up, made sushi, watched some telly (Touching the Void, which was excellent, AI, which is quite good until the Speilberg element kicks in and makes it pants, the Peel tribute, which made me very sad). I spent ages trying to work out what to make for myself now that I have pretty much finished the requests from everyone I know for now (I decided on making another bag, but for me this time, out of Kureyon from the Felted Knits book by Beverly Galeskas). Also decided that I’d like to make some mittens out of the Maya, and get another couple of hanks in different colours to make a scarf and felt that too to match. I’ve already got a test swatch in it, and it felts a treat 🙂
I’ve also got addicted to the Zutons and Goldfrappe, and Franz Ferdinand, AND the Scissor Sisters… Don’t have any of the albums yet, but I have listened to them, and I can’t get the songs out of my brain 🙂 I had the Zutons going round my brain at work and I couldn’t stop humming the single :S
Anyway, the weekend still has a small glass of wine, the lovely Micheal Palin and an extremely silly programme about US troops learning how to stop the hearts of goats by staring at them…

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