It is bloody cold. We had our first snow on Thursday evening, and it carried on for most of the night. Then it froze, and it is vvvvvv cold now. Apparently someone local saw a waxwing, and that means the winter will be harsh, but I don’t need a bird to tell me that right now! The poor birds are crowding over the feeders, but one of them froze up, as well as the bird bath and the pond.
No time for knitting this week, as have had too much studying to do. However, went with mum to Up Country again yesterday, and spent some of my bonus from this month’s paypacket… Bought some more Maya to finish my mittens and make a matching scarf with. Also bought some lovely Jaeger merino wool that was half price. Haven’t decided what to do with it – there is a tad under 700 metres of it in a lovely taupy green colour, and it is so soft that I want to think carefully about what to use it on. I could use it for lots of little bits and pieces, or I could save it to make a sleeveless top to wear over shirts at work. I’m not sure yet.
Spent a large portion of my bonus on other stuff too, but it means that my brother now has his Christmas and birthday pressie, I have new boots, material for a tote bag, and we have food from the continental market (and good old Sainsburys). The cheeses from the market will probably be almost gone by the end of the week knowing us, but I want to try a new diet this week from Wednesday, so hopefully the freezing the salesman recommended will work…
To remind myself, today I must do some more studying, iron, plant the bulbs that have been sitting in the kitchen so long that they are sprouting (but it’s SO cold outside), and get the chance to relax too before I go back to work and have piles of stuff to deal with tomorrow 🙁 Hopefully get my mitten finished and felt them both so I can be all warm waiting for the bus. Also need to get my arse in gear and work on my Sirdar jumper.
Fat chance of doing all that.