Long time no posting

And that is because I’ve been busy again 🙁 Still have loads of stuff on the go though – there is always time to knit…
I’ve started on a cloche from knit One Felt Too in Rowan Magpie, I’m making a bag from Noro Kureyon from Felted Knits, I’m still planning to make Pinup Queen, and I haven’t done much work on my Sirdar jumper I’m afraid. I’ve been cutting netting too to make a bag from New Knits by Erika Knight
I’ve also just finished sewing a tote bag from Sew Fast, Sew Easy, which I am v happy with indeed (the lining and bag material were a perfect match in colour, which helps hide any nasties that I made). It was easy, but not that fast! The sewing was fast, but that was only about 25% of the work… Most of the work was cutting, pressing and turning the straps inside out. I think I’ll make more though, because I managed to make something that fooled people at work into thinking I’d bought it 🙂 Would work well for gifts. Would also look rather nice with some hand embroidered stuff on it… I think I’d like to try the skirt from the book next. I’ve been dieting, because I’m a fat cow (but still not as bad as I used to be). Doing ok so far, but dieting has stopped me from going for knitting or making clothes. But, making clothes is cheaper for the most part than buying, and I like the idea of having something personal and unique, so I may still make something…
Oh, and have also done work, coursework, spent time with Dave. 🙂

One thought on “Long time no posting”

  1. > I’ve started on a [cloche] from knit [One Felt
    > Too] in [Rowan Magpie], I’m making a bag from
    > [Noro Kureyon] from [Felted Knits].
    How can I continue to be the only person that ever comments on your blog if I don’t understand any of the words in it? It took me ages just to realise that you meant “Knit One Felt Too” 😉

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