Happy new year!

This year I am not making any resolutions, as I am guarenteed to break them. All the usual ideas still stand that I fail to do anyway. I will be thinner, save money, advance my career etc etc etc. But I probably won’t… I’ll still be sat on an ever expanding arse reading books that I should try and read before I am 30 that should have been read before I was 20, then 25. I’ll still be studying, I’ll still be trying to learn Japanese, and get no further cos of my studying. I’ll probably be knitting loads of stuff that I can’t wear too!
Which leads me to this. Here is the long delayed posting of photos that only 2 people look at – me and PH (with occassionally Stu noseying around). And he only comes to look so he can post sarcastic comments 😀 Alright, if I post them at Crafster then people will look at the pretty pictures, but they probably won’t read this (go on – prove me wrong! 😉 I dare you!).
Anyway here is a picture of a bag.
Felted Knits bag.JPG
It was made from a pattern in Felted Knits, and I am rather pleased with it. Knitted up from Noro Kureyon, run through 2 washes (the first felted it, but it wasn’t strong enough). A couple of people at work have expressed in interest in it, but I won’t be making anything so labour intensive for anyone else for a while, literally only blitz projects and the big stuff I have on the go at the moment.
Here are some mittens I made ages ago, but never took pics of. Again they needed felting twice to make them shrink enough, knitted up from another Felted Knits pattern, in Debbie Bliss Maya. Yummy yarn. The pic is not really representative of the colour – it is a really nice dark swampy green, with variations into a greeny browny yellow. Sounds horrible, but I like it!
Next up is the scarf I’m making to go with the mittens. Started with Wavey from Knitty, but I got too bored with it. Sorry! My brother bought me a book for Christmas called Scarf Style, so I’m now knitting up a pattern from there by Jo Sharp called Misty Garden. I’ve also ordered some wool that it was knitted in originally, cos it looks too good to miss. But here is a far from completed scarf. The texture of the wool is quite different to the one in the pattern, so they will look like two different designs in the end.
Scarf Style scarf 1.JPG
Finally I have made a hat from Knit One Felt One. A cloche to be precise. Unfortunately it is too tall for me, so I might try and felt it some more, but I also might be lazy and turn the edge up. Or be daring and cut it down. I’m not sure yet, but either way I’m not posting a pic of me wearing it yet!
Felted cloche.JPG
So there we are. I’m also still making a Sirdar jumper, have Pin Up Queen lined up, and some socks, and Sarah’s bag to finish. And I have to make a post Christmas pressie for Becky which she already knows about cos she picked it out 🙂
I should go do some more work now… 🙁 I have done more than I expected today though, as I had a flash of brilliance (ha! Let’s see what my mark says when I get the essay back!) after about 15 mins of writer’s block. But Dave keeps nudging me to do more 😉 I will thank him one day, but not today 😀

One thought on “Happy new year!”

  1. LG (Library Girl);
    A hint for knitting the correct depth of a *regular* cap, from: http://www.marmalade.ca/archives/cat_patterns.html
    (Dec. 9 2004 entry)
    “Knit … in stockinette until you are ready to begin decreasing the crown.
    To determine this, measure from the base of the palm of your hand, to the tip of the middle finger.
    This will give you the exact depth the hat had needs to fit your head.”
    (I don’t know how exact the “quote” above is, as I just saved it for my own personal use.)
    To work out the depth of a felted hat, you would have to knit a swatch, meassure it, felt it, measure the felted swatch to determine the difference, and then calculate back how much you have to originally knit from your hand measurement.
    Hope this helps you in the future.

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