Too much work!

Arrrrghhhh! I am sick of essays 🙁 2 days of over Christmas, and the rest of the time has been spent writing assignments. Well, not totally… 😉
I finished knitting Freda, my free weekend kit from the Rowan subscription, and I looked rediculous in it, so I frogged it. I’m now using the frogged Cork, plus an odd ball I had on the cheap from Up Country in a different colour for a shrug from So far it looks rediculously long, but I spose I can turn up the arms a bit if it is.
Got my copy of Rowan magazine 36 today, so naturally I am itchy to work on something else already. But I also have my Maya scarf to knit up, some socks, and a jumper that has been on the sidelines for ages… Considering that I have made another felted bag in Kureyon, a cloche that is too tall in Magpie, have still not sewn up Sarah’s bag, and have promised a scarf as a post Christmas pressie to someone else…
Also had the joy of two poker sites posting pretend comments. Thank goodness for vetting them!
Well, at least I’m off work for a few days anyway. Hope everyone had a nice holiday, and all that jazz.