Well, today could have been worse, but as expected getting up early was a killer. Stupid work. Then naturally stuff has happened that gave me lots of extra work to do. Oh well, I have a job and that is something more than a lot of people have, so I shouldn’t complain! I shall try and be a good girl today.
I must give honourable mention to the fabulous Janey, whose comment for my felted hat is most appreciated, so many thanks to you, pet. It is so simple it is brilliant 😀 She quotes a site that says that to work out how deep you need to make a hat for yourself, make it as deep as from the bottom of your palm to the tip of your middle finger. How cool a measurement is that?! Just shows that nature does have methods, and that the size of a man’s hand is representative of something, even if not his bits…
Today I bought How to Crochet from a bargain book shop, and I am already deeply disturbed. Why does knitting seem so much simpler despite needing so much? I’ve been told that if you can do one, you can so do the other, but I can’t even read the pattern yet! I don’t think is the best book to learn from though, by the looks of it. Good diagrams, but tipsy descriptions. Nevermind! I can only get better from not being able to crochet at all 😀

One thought on “Yawn”

  1. Thanks for the message! Its so nice to know there are crafty friends in the UK making lovely stuff! I agree with you on the crochet front…I can crochet but can’t for the life of me follow a pattern. My crochet is very much free flow! Keep up the practice though and I’m sure you will master it. (crochet makes my hands ache as well but strangely knitting doesnt….must be tense when I crochet! lol)
    Thanks Again and Happy Knitting!

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