Sundays are slow

But feel like they have gone really quickly by the evening 🙁 This weekend I have done lots of coursework, and not much knitting. Although I did manage to squeeze in a little bit… 😀
I had a delivery of some Debbie Bliss stuff to make the earwarmers in SnBN, but unfortunately none of the green stuff for leaves, just some black aran for the headband, and some red for the flowers. It is a pretty nice weekend knitting project, as uninterrupted it wouldn’t even take a day. Nice to have something quick to work on for instant gratification while I’m studying, cos it gives me a bit of a break.
I’ve also started a second Tempting (from Knitty – I’m following the knitalong on Craftster). This is because I decided to use 4.5mm needle instead of 5mm as that would make me meet the gauge more closely with the Jaeger yarn I have. But, I’ve barely done 2.5 inches of it and have used one ball already. I have 8 balls, and the whole thing is 24 inches long. You work it out! Therefore I don’t think it will be a bad thing to try knitting a ball up separately on the 5mm needles to see how much I get out of one before I cut down on the length and try to make the most of the yarn I have. Touch wood I’ll get more length by the metre.
Ooo ooo ooo! I extend the stash a bit too! I went through Beatties to get back to work on my lunch break, and saw they had a wool sale. I bought 10 balls of Sirdar DK in a taupe brown for 6 quid 😀 Bargain! I will use it to make my long awaited sleeveless jumper, and maybe a Belle Star from Knitty too… Depends how much it takes for the jumper. Roll on assignment submission!