Hurrah! A finished object at last!

Thank goodness for that! I know I haven’t posted in ages, but it is because I’ve been working on the Fern cardigan from Rowan 36 for over a month. I have pretty much finished it today – yay! It needs ironing and I missed a couple of threads when I was weaving them in which will need tidying, but I also need to get a ribbon to put across the front to hold it on my shoulders (as in the original pic that you can find on I’m kind of elated, but let down. As always, it doesn’t look as fab on me as it does on the model as I am fat and she isn’t. Also, I had to play around with the pattern so that I wouldn’t run out of wool, so I ended up making a smaller sized sleeve, plus playing with number of rows between increases and decreases. All in all though, it has turned out ok. It is at least wearable, and perhaps even in public (gasp!).
So here it is on my bed (with the sheets being washed, but it shows the colour best really).
Fern cardi flat 2.jpg
And here it is with me wearing it, in poor light, but you get the idea. I really need to kick myself up the arse and diet properly (spending time at mum’s didn’t help with half a bottle of wine each night – oops!), yet again…
Fern cardi 1.jpg
And another pic where you can see the frill better.
Fern cardi 2.jpg
I hope it was worth me spending so long on it. I kind of like it, but I have no idea whether it flatters me at all… I’ll ask the Craftsters 🙂
Now I need something really quick and easy to make, particularly as I lost my scarf and mittens on the train and need to replace them 🙁 There isn’t too much winter left now here, so I need to make something up quickly, meaning felted mittens are out till later this year. I’ll probably make the fingerless mittens in the Weekend Knitting book.
And hoorah for Sue being inspired and taking up the pins again 😀 Yay Sue! I think you should send me pics to put up on here 😉 Hurry up and make that throw, petal!

3 thoughts on “Hurrah! A finished object at last!”

  1. Hi! I’m so glad you’re knitting along on the fluffy lace cowl and camisole! I thought I’d come by and check out your blog. I really like that Rowan sweater. Sigh–so many fab patterns, so little time!

  2. I LOVE that sweater! Do you know if they sell that pattern somewhere as a leaflet? I hate purchasing those huge books just for 1-2 patterns!
    It is a very flattering fit. I’d like to try that one too
    Great job!

  3. Hi Carol 🙂
    I’m not sure about the pattern leaflets, but there are a lot of gorgeous things in that magazine (in fact I’m a bit disappointed with 37 as it isn’t as alluring as 36…). It might help to have a look on at the slide show of the patterns in 36 to see if there are any more that you like in it. There is a series of vintage patterns like my cardi, some very lovely wintery jumpers, and some fab cushion patterns too. Yummy yummy yummy! And I promise I don’t work for Rowan (wish I did though! I’d love the discount…). Let me know if you want any more info on the pattern though 🙂

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