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Well, I seem to have had a lovely pile of positive feedback on Fern on Craftster – bless em! They are all such lovely people there! I haven’t decided when to wear it yet, but they have convinced me that it is worth wearing in public and with pride (well I should do really considering the work I put into it!). I’ve already started on some other stuff, but I keep forgetting to take pics to upload. I made the fingerless mitts from Weekend Knitting in what was left of my Maya (still have half a hank left – it goes so far!). The sizing was a teeny bit off, leaving it a bit big on the fingers, but it was so easy and quick I don’t care – they’ll fit on over my gloves for extra warmth. I’ve also started on the fluffy cami in the same book. I’ll post pics of the yarn and my progress when there is something worth posting 😉 AND I’ve been crocheting the scarf from Rowan 36. My first ever crochet work! I don’t like it as much as knitting, but it does have that versatility to play around a bit more with to make stuff up.
I’ve also had a comment from Jada, asking a couple of bits and pieces, so I thought I’d answer them here. I’m still no good with Movable Type and how to play with settings, so rather than posting a comment myself, I figure it is less hassle this way. Hi Jada 🙂 If you are interested in Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I would highly recommend Of Love and Other Demons. It is a super quick read if you get into it quickly, but it is such a lovely story. He writes such gorgeous descriptions and characterisations, and this one is particularly interesting. Even his introduction has a little bit of magic thrown in to it 🙂
As for Audition, it is a really freaky film… But I like it in a sick “I want to punish myself and others by watching this” kind of way! It starts off really gently, and seems to get darker and darker. But it has a lot of intelligence behind it – the violence is kind of designed to reflect the way Japanese women have responded in extreme ways to the oppression they have dealt with in society, but the male characters are certainly not particularly nice either – would you fancy a bloke who held an audition for talented women and then used it to pick a potential wife to look after him? The first 2 thirds of the film are essentially a love story, while the bloke tries to find out more about his enigmatic chosen bride to be. The final third is where he starts to find out all kinds of nasty things in connection with her… It is only in the last half hour where things a really yukky. It helps to turn the sound down a bit! I’d be hesitant to recommend this film unless I knew about your personal tastes in film and what kind of gore you’ve seen, but if you can cope with the nastiness at the end, it is interesting viewing and reflection on gender roles in modern Japan, and historical treatment of women. But it also makes you want to throw up… Takashi is so determined to push the viewer, and almost seems to want you to leave before the conclusion. I’ll leave it at that to see whether that might tempt you, but you have been warned! I’d be interested to see what people think of this one actually. Heheheheh! (evil laugh)

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