Lovely time away :)

It was indeed. Sue and I spent most of the time doing knitting related things. She showed me her throw and I am mightily impressed with how quickly she has made it! I have high hopes for her… 😉 We also browsed through lots of knitting books/magazines, and I have suddenly developed an idea for my first design of a jumper… I’ve stolen a couple of bits from other people’s designs, but I think that is a good way to start inventing. I just have to learn how to make the proportions right for my size in the yarn I have (I think I’ll use the cheap aran I bought for pin up queen in SNB, and buy some nice mohair yarn from a very good seller on ebay, seeing as they are dirt cheap :D). I’m itching to play around and design while I have it in my head, but I also have lots of work to do this weekend, so I should do some of that first, then treat myself (I might not be saying that later when I try to work out how to make it!).
ooooo oo! I almost forgot! I also bought some new yarn from a little shop near Sue – Sirdar Duet. It is a bit odd (I’ll take a pic later of what it looks like and how it knits up – the weather is rubbish and it is really dark inside the house), but I think it could do some interesting things…
Anyway, the sooner I start some work the sooner I can play around 😉