Sue’s obsession…

Well, my lovely friend Sue has been extremely hard at work. She has knitted more in a couple of months than I managed in 4! She’s managed to knit a throw (a gift for her boyfriend’s mother) with a different stitch type in each square and a border too, several scarves, a bag, and half a jumper 😀 Probably more than that (I forget how much, but she has nearly as big a stash as me already too)
Here is the throw.
And here is the little bag being modelled by her neice (seeing as it was made for her!). The bag yarn was a gift that she didn’t quite know what to do with – there were a couple of balls of it, and being a new returner to knitting, she had to think a while about it, but her neice seems rather happy with it 😀
I’m very impressed with how prolific a knitter she is being 😀
Anyway, I am once again making loads of stuff! My Colinette One Zero arrived today, and I think I will make a nice herringbone scarf to replace the green one I lost on the train. I also started knitting up some of the Sirdar DK stuff I bought in the Christmas sales into the tank from White Lies. And I’ve started on the rug to bust my stash and get rid of the odd balls. Still working on the shrug and the camisole as well. Do you think I have enough on?! The scarf won’t take long though, and neither will the rug I would think. I hope not anyway!
Anyway, I’m off to sup wine, knit, and watch the rest of Spirited Away (NOT the US dubbing may I add!). Yay!