Something finished!

Well, I was planning on putting up a pic of the finished Wow cushion today, but the digital camera doesn’t like the first picture I took of it, and the laptop wants to format the memory card in the camera when I try to pick up the second photo or any of the others 🙁 But I have finished it, and something else as well, which I might keep secret for now… Shhhhhh!
Last night we watched the film version of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I’ve read all the books, played the game, listened to the radio series, watched the TV series and loved every minute of it. The reviews I’ve read of the film have been extremely mixed though, and with it hanging around in limbo for so long I didn’t hold out much hope for it. When we watched the film, I was really saddened that all the work Douglas Adams had put into getting it to the big screen was ripped apart by Disney. We only laughed about 4 times through the whole thing, and they weren’t the belly laughs that we get so persistently from the other formats. There were some very nice moments – I loved the book animatics, and, naturally, the knitted bit 😀 But, I’m afraid, the best jokes were cut out, and even the in joke with the Marvin from the tv series left me feeling cold, and with a yearning to go back to the older versions. Poor Douglas. I’m kind of glad he didn’t get to see it now. The mice were nicely done though too 🙂
And as compensation for not getting any pics of knitting stuff today, here is the story of a picture sent to me by a friend. She mailed me it when she spotted something amiss in the photo for an article in a paper. The article is about IDs and fingerprinting for them or something else equally debated during the pre-election campaigns. Unfortunately, they missed something on the photo… See if you can spot anything that shouldn’t be there on the PC with her data on it – be warned, it is a bit rude…