A strange few weeks and half a finished object

It feels like an age since I posted, and it probably is. I have my reasons though. The usual assignments have taken over, but at least they will be done by the 20th. I also had some bad news about someone’s health, and that has taken over quite a bit of time, and probably will do for quite a while, due to the nature of the illness.
But I won’t go into all that. No one really wants to know that stuff.
What you might want to know about is that I have been on a big SEX session 🙂 That’s the yarn talk SEX incidentally (stash enrichment excursion/exercise), which will no doubt disappoint a few googlers…
A friend got her boyfriend to drive us to Warrington to the Black Sheep warehouse for their sale. I think it was probably the best sale I have ever had the fortune to shop at 😀 People were filling plastic sacks that I could happily live inside with yarns and sewing stuff. I already have a ridiculous stash that Sue has very kindly reduced slightly (I gave her some stuff from a failed felting attempt which wouldn’t felt, and I frogged the Sirdar jumper as the yarn was just too plasticy when I went back to it. I’ll make it for next winter with something a bit nicer), but I have more than made up for it for the time being 😀 We also went to Hobbycraft (and Ikea too, but we won’t talk about that…!), and I found a rather lovely bargain there too!
Here are some pics! Firstly, the stash has been expanded by lots of Jaeger. Here we have some lovely Mohair Art. I might use it for Ash in Rowan 36, or something else entirely 🙂 I’ll use one ball for Bloom’s flower, and the rest I feel like I want to play with and mess around a bit with. I’m sure it will tell me what to make out of it soon – I have far too many ideas at the moment!
Next up, some Aqua, a lovely mercenised cotton. The colours were too tempting to just take one pack, and I would happily wear either of them with most of the clothes in the wardrobe. I think I’ll make a cardi with one pack using the Ann Budd sweater pattern book (more on that later :D), and have a hunt through the pattern books for something to match the gauge to. I really don’t have any preference at the mo for these…
Next some more Jaeger – Como. This stuff is a fab bulky yarn that is 90% wool with some strange stuff thrown in that makes it very soft and light for such a thick yarn. I got 7 balls in a greeny yellow, and 4 in a cream colour. Some of these will go to my mum as a gift, while I’m planning to make the lace leaf jumper from Loop-d-loop with the greeny yellow stuff. It doesn’t quite swatch up right so I’ll make the largest size to account for it. There are also a couple of balls of kid silk haze in there for Bloom which were bought at Up Country in a yummy choccy brown and a soft lilac.
Nearly there! 😀 This is the stuff from Hobbycraft. I bought 3 balls of Sirdar Wow for a cushion pattern (with said pattern also falling into the shopping basket – oops!). I’ve knitted up one side, and it is really nice stuff to knit with – very quick, soft and warm, so it will make a good comfort cushion. Having said that, later in the knitting it seemed to start getting sticky. It isn’t really surprising with it not being a natural fibre thing, but I was a bit cheesed off as it isn’t particularly cheap, and not on sale. But, it is only a cushion and won’t take long to finish 🙂 The light blue stuff is Kid Classic, which was the bargain of the day. Normally 4 quid a ball, it was 49p 😀 And a fluke of a find, as the label said Biggy Print at 99p. I took it to check at the till, and had the lovely price surprise, so nabbed the last 4 balls 😀 And rather conveniently, when I was browsing a book I borrowed from work, I found another cushion pattern for 4 balls of Kid Classic 😀 The blues go together much better in real life than on my crappy photo techniques (I won’t blame the camera at all as I am totally guilty!), and very well with the colour of the couch. Yay!
hobbycraft stash.jpg
And I have actually kind of finished knitting something. That poor little sock that has been on the needles for ages is finally done! I had a blitz thinking that I couldn’t start anything new till I finished an older project (though if one is frogged, then that might help a bit!). Before I blitzed it, it only had the ribbing and a few rows of stocking stitch, and that was 3 days ago. It is a bit baggy and big, but I think that is partly due to the pattern – it was a free one with the yarn (Opal, incidentally), and doesn’t really tell you how to tell where to start the toe decreases if you are small footed, so the heel is a bit baggy too. It is lovely and warm though, even if wearing the purl side feels a bit odd on the foot – I won’t be able to wear it to work as the purl side will rub too much. But overall, I feel pleased for my first ever sock 🙂
Sock on foot.jpg
Ok, so on to the books. I had a visit from Amazon on Tuesday, and they very kindly brought me Ann Budd’s two handy pattern books (one general work and one for sweaters). I’m hoping they will help me understand patterns a bit more, but they will certainly be useful for when I get stuck on what to use yarn for that I impulse buy (see 99% of the above post!). I also got the love Teva Durham’s Loop-d-Loop book. There is some really silly stuff on there, but some luscious stuff too – the lace leaf jumper is one fave, but I like the cabled jumper, and quite a few other bits and pieces too. The silly stuff really is silly! But I think the writing, photography, and the good patterns justify the cover price. Go buy it 😀
Anyway, I’d like to get some knitting in tonight, and it is getting late. I’ve babbled enough for now! Who knows, I might finish something else soon…

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  1. Ooohh! I have stash envy! You picked out some lovely things, and what a bargain on the Kid Classic! Looking forward to seeing your creations!

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